South Lake Union fireworks

Wow… it’s already Thursday night… crazy!  I realized that I didn’t blog at all about our fireworks experience on the 4th of July!  Mike and I were able to watch the fireworks from the balcony of our apartment building… how convenient is that?  🙂  Around 10pm we headed to the balcony.  As we passed Mike’s apartment we heard a big dog inside woofing mournfully.  Dogs and fireworks just don’t get mesh… I don’t think they ever will.  When we got to the balcony we found that there were already about 15 or 20 people there.  We found a place to sit and settled down to wait for the show.  As we waited we could see fireworks going off in Queen Anne and Fremont in the distance.  The space needle was off to our west, and the fireworks show was to our north.  When we first got to the roof the crescent moon looked like it was resting on top of the space needle… the tip of its crescent was actually just barely touching the space needle.  We both thought that looked pretty cool, but of course by the time we’d been up there about 15 minutes the moon had moved so that it wasn’t even touching the needle anymore.  As a quick aside, I had no idea the moon moved that fast.  I guess I never really watched the moon move before, but it moves a noticeable distance even in just 5 minutes.  Crazy.  You learn something new every day.

Then the fireworks show started over Lake Union.  It was really cool… I loved it!  Aside from all of the standard big bursty, colorful fireworks there were some different kinds I hadn’t seen before.  Fireworks are very hard to describe in words, so I won’t try too hard, but there were some ADORABLE smiley faces!  🙂  Definitely among my favorite fireworks of the night!  🙂

The fireworks went until about 10:45pm and by then both Mike and I were tired and realized that after a wonderful three-day weekend, it was time to think about going back to work the next morning.  Both of us headed right to bed.  It was a very noisy night, because of course people were all shooting off their own fireworks far into the night.  Piper didn’t seem very disturbed by the fireworks though and came right to bed.  The next morning as I was walking to work I saw sparklers and bottle rockets littering the sidewalk.  It looked like it was a fun night for everyone concerned.  🙂

Today was Thursday… which is Farmer’s Market Day!  I got spinach and red leaf lettuce.  I’m discovering that I can get enough salad greens at the Farmer’s Market so that I really don’t need to buy any at Whole Foods… which is kind of nice because they’re cheaper at the Farmer’s Market.  And they taste fresher!

This past week has been sunny, warm, and beautiful, but today was rainy and chilly.  I hope it’s nicer than this when Mike’s parents and aunt fly out here next week.  I’d like them to be able to see the beautiful sunny Seattle instead of the rainy, cold Seattle.  And it already rained when Cathy, Todd, and Mabel came to visit in March, so we’re due for some nice weather when visitors come this time!

I’m starting to make some good friends at work.  There are seven people on my team that I work particularly closely with, and after nine months of working together we’re definitely getting close.  Making friends always gives me more of a sense of “belonging” to an area, so that’s encouraging.  Today four of us took an afternoon break and walked a couple blocks to get coffee.  I definitely work with a great group of people!  Since Mike just started at Fluke, he’ll probably have to wait for awhile before he starts making good friends.

All right… it’s getting (relatively) late.  Late for me anyway.  But it’s Thursday night… the last work night of the week!  That’s always a plus.  🙂


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