Two exciting events… neither of them related to me

No time to write a long post at the moment… I’m at work and on my lunch break.  Mike texted me this morning and said that Margi (his youngest sister) is in the hospital and is going to have her baby!  Yea!!!  I texted him again over lunch to see if there was any word, but he hasn’t heard anything yet.  So, everyone… keep Margi, Matt, and their soon-to-be-born baby girl in your thoughts and prayers!

Also, my brother Tom is taking the second CPA exam today… keep him in your thoughts and prayers too!

Those are my pieces of exciting news.  Aside from that, everything is very ordinary.  It’s a little bit chilly today in Seattle, but at least the sun is shining!  And Mike always likes the days that are a little chilly better since he’s always too warm and we don’t have air conditioning in our apartments.  🙂  Piper doesn’t seem to mind the chilliness too much either… she just curls into a little bit tighter of a little ball on the bed and tucks her nose under her tail to keep it warm.

An interesting thing happened when I talked to my friend Lia this weekend.  She told me that after months of living in Seattle and keeping my Michigan accent, it is now 90% gone.  After she told me that, I started noticing how I say my vowels… and she’s totally right.  I say my vowels “west coast style” now.  It will be interesting to see if I’m still pegged as an “easterner” based on my speech again.  However, I’m not sure how noticeable this is to midwesterners, because I talked to my parents last night, and they didn’t notice anything weird.  On the other hand, maybe they’ve just talked to enough people living on the west coast that they feel like the accent out here sounds normal.  Anyway… that was a very interesting pivotal point for me.  A less interesting and kind of weird side effect of this is that I listen to myself talk closely these days to hear the different accent I have on vowels, particularly ‘o’s.

Lia sent me a box of hand-me-down clothes… thank you, Lia!  And Tom sent me a birthday box (yes, it’s belated… but I’m not going to complain because I haven’t gotten his birthday box out yet either… apparently being delinquent in sending out birthday boxes is hereditary, and Tom and I both affected by the same gene.  Lia’s usually delinquent too, which just proves to me that she and I really are sisters!  🙂

Ok… time to get back to work.  I just finished my lunch of garden veggie tomato basil soup and seasoned RyKrisp crackers.  I also had a handful of walnuts.  If you don’t eat walnuts, you should.  They are packed with nutrients, most notably vitamins that help your retina (eye) health and omega 3 fatty acids.  I didn’t used to like them either, but I forced myself to eat them because they’re so good for you, and I think they’re now starting to grow on me.  Ok, I’m now getting off my nutritional soapbox for the day.

Mike and I are excitedly waiting for news about Margi!  🙂


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