Welcome to the world Cora Mae Retsema!

Mike’s niece Cora Mae Retsema arrived on July 8, 2011!  🙂  She was two weeks early, but she’s doing fine!  How exciting… I can’t wait to actually meet her!  🙂  Margi posted some absolutely adorable pictures of her on Facebook, and a super great one of Matt asleep with Cora on his chest.  I loved it!  🙂

I have been pretty absent from the blogging world yesterday and today.  Mike and I have been working on cleaning and organizing our apartments.  Yesterday we got a lot of organization stuff done and threw out old papers, clothes, etc.  Mike took the task of shredding our old bank statements and other personally identifiable documents, so he spent an hour patiently feeding single sheets of paper into an extremely crappy shredder that continuously jammed, got overheated, and then turned off.  Mike finally exhausted his last bit of patience and called me around 5pm to say he was walking downtown to Office Depot to get a “real” shredder.  Apparently the one he had was only a cheap imitation.  I needed to get a plastic file cabinet to keep my files, so we both walked downtown together.  It was a gorgeous day!  A little warm, but compared to the temperatures my mom says they have in Michigan and the temperatures Lia says they have in Nevada, I am in NO position to complain about the weather!  The one thing I will say, though, is that when you always have to walk up and down hills and you always have to carry groceries home from the store, it feels much hotter than it actually is.  Anyway, it was a beautiful walk downtown to Office Depot.  Mike took his time examining all of the shredders, so I went and got my wheeled plastic filing cabinet and some attractive jewel tone folders to go inside it.  If I’m finally going to get my files organized, I really want to have fun with it and get some pretty folders for inside it!  Mike seemed slightly suspicious of the jewel tone colors (I think he thinks all proper folders are yellow), but I loved them!  Mike finally decided on a shredder, and we bought our purchases and found ourselves standing outside of Office Depot on 4th Ave, a mile and a half from home, each carrying a giant box.  Mine was at least a light box, even though it was bulky, but Mike’s shredder was heavy.  Yes… this is where having a car makes life MUCH easier!  We struggled with our heavy/bulky boxes for two blocks before we gave up and got a cab.  Fortunately, there’s tons and tons of cabs downtown so as soon as we decided we wanted one, we just flagged one down.  He popped his trunk, and we gladly deposited our boxes in the back.  Ah yes… cars!  The motorized vehicles our country runs on!

Back at our apartments, I headed upstairs with my file cabinet and Mike headed to his apartment with his shredder.  He called me an hour later and said that the shredder could eat anything and told me to come down with old credit cards.  I came down, and sure enough, the shredder easily ate my old credit and ATM cards without so much as a rumble.  Pretty cool!  Mike says he’s going to name it “Feed Me” because it has an insatiable appetite for paper and that’s probably what it would say if it were animate.

Mike and I continued to clean and organize for the rest of the day and didn’t do much fun or enjoyable, but it does feel like we got a lot done.

This morning, I was determined to go to yoga at Lululemon since I didn’t really do much fun yesterday.  I started my morning with grocery shopping up on Capitol Hill.  I had a lot more than I really wanted to carry.  Again, this is why they invented cars.  🙂  However, I got home, got everything put away, threw on yoga clothes, and headed downtown to Lululemon.  I got there a few minutes before they started, which was nice because it gave me time to talk a little to the girls there and do a few stretches.  The yoga practice was great!  The only thing that was slightly distracting is that the security beeper at the entrance to the store was going crazy this weekend and would periodically (every few minutes) give three loud beeps.  The same kind of beeps that you hear when you try to leave a store with an electronic tag still on one of your items.  That made the meditation part a little more challenging, but we had fun anyway.  🙂

Then a quick stop by Whole Foods for milk and limes, and I was back at my apartment and ready to keep cleaning!

I started in my bathroom and went through like a whirlwind cleaning absolutely everything.  Then (since I was on such a roll), I went down to Mike’s apartment and also whirlwinded my way through cleaning his bathroom.  He protested, but you can’t argue with a cleaning dervish who’s spinning her way around the bathroom with a scrubber in one hand, a bucket of water in the other, and an array of cleaning products at her disposal!  So now both of our apartments are looking pretty clean.  I’ll do a little bit more tidying up, but that’s all… no more whirling dervishes!

With all this cleaning excitement and all the chemically smells, Piper has not been a happy camper the past couple of days.  She was terrified when I tipped her kitty condo onto its side so that I could vacuum inside of it.  She was traumatized and mewing most of today and yesterday, so now she is absolutely completely worn out and asleep on her cat pillow in her kitty condo.  I tried to get her to get up and eat dinner and she ate for about 1 minute and then went back to sleep.  She is officially worn out!

I know that cleaning is a pretty boring thing to read about on a blog (I’m sorry… I never said my life was fascinating!), but Mike and I did go out on Friday night.  Mike and I both worked late, and it was almost 8pm by the time we were both out of work so we had some quick dinner and then went to Paddy Coyne’s for drinks.  Paddy Coyne and his dog weren’t there (which was a first!  I’ve never been there without seeing them before), but there was a husky dog there that was just beautiful.  All the floor-to-ceiling windows along the front of Paddy Coyne’s can slide to the sides and fold up in a zig-zag fashion so that the whole front of the restuarant is open and it’s basically like you’re sitting outside.  Because it was so nice outside, they had the windows folded back and it was so relaxing!  Both Mike and I tried drinks that we don’t normally have, and Mike ended up ordering an appetizer, and we just sat there and talked and caught up on each other’s weeks and relaxed.  The waitress wasn’t pushing to get us to leave so we ended up just sitting there for three hours.  What a great start to the weekend (too bad that the rest of the weekend was just cleaning)!  🙂

The sun’s still out even though it’s almost 9pm, but I’m mentally and physically winding down for the night.  It’s been a busy weekend, but we have this week to look forward to!  We’re both excited for his parents and aunt’s visit this week!  🙂


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