Visitors from Michigan!

Mike’s parents and his aunt Joanie are coming today!  Mike said they’re supposed to land around 2pm.    Mike and I will both be at work, but they’re going to get their rental car, find their hotel, and probably find something to eat (since it’ll be 5pm Michigan time!).  How exciting!  I don’t know whether we’ll see them today after work or whether they’ll be exhausted and ready to get some sleep!  Hopefully we’ll at least be able to stop by their hotel for awhile and say ‘hi’ before they go to sleep.  🙂  I haven’t seen them in a really long time… before I moved to Seattle in October!

I have tomorrow off of work, and Mike has Thursday, Friday, and Monday off of work, plus we’ll both have this weekend off, so we’ll be able to show them around Seattle.  Mike’s mom and aunt are leaving tomorrow afternoon for a conference they’re attending in Spokane, so they actually won’t be back until Sunday.  So it’ll mostly just be Mike’s dad, Mike, and me for the rest of the week.  I forsee lots of geo-caching in our futures!  If Mike’s dad does five geocaches at least 1000 miles away from where he lives, he gets a special title on his geocaching site, so he definitely wants to get at least five geocaches done while he’s here.  And geocaching is a great way to see a new city too, because you get directed to all different types of areas looking for clues.

So, anyway, it will be a fun week!

Last night was somewhat uneventful.  It was a little rainy, but I headed downtown to Lululemon for their weekly run club anyway.  Unfortunately, no one else showed up because of the rain, and the girl at Lululemon who usually leads the run has been struggling with IT band pain from the marathon a few weeks ago (I can relate to that whole scenario!), so I ended up just getting in a small run running downtown and back.  But that’s fine… it was kind of nasty out anyway.  Today’s also supposed to be kind of rainy, but the rest of the week is supposed to be pretty dry.  Whew!  🙂  Geocaching is more fun when it’s dry than when it’s wet!

Mike and I have been trying to plan where we can take his parents and his aunt… we’ve got some ideas swirling around in our heads.  But a lot of it will depend on what they want to do.

So… I was talking to my brother this weekend and told him that I have not seen a single spider my entire time in Seattle.  Of course that meant that I saw my first one this weekend.  It was kind of a largish, whitish one, and it’s in the stairway of the apartment complex.  As one of my coworkers cleverly asked, “What floor is it near?”  Great question.  It’s near the second floor.  And I feel like the chances of it randomly deciding to migrate up two full flights of stairs, meander down the hallway, and wind up in my apartment are slim.  However, my first thought was still to start taking the elevator.  Stairs, especially stairs with spiders, are overrated.  But then I realized if I don’t take the stairs I don’t know if the spider is gradually migrating upwards.  Hmm.  So now I’m still taking the stairs daily and keeping an eye on it.  It actually hasn’t moved in the past three days.  That either means it is finding plenty of insects where it is… or it means that it’s dead.  I personally don’t ever see any insects in the stairways, which makes me think maybe it’s dead.  But if it was dead, wouldn’t its legs curl up and it would fall off the wall???  I have no idea.  Nor do I have the desire to get closer to investigate.  I’m perfectly content to keep my 10-foot distance as I walk down the stairs past the second floor and not get close enough to determine whether it’s actually alive.  As much I do not enjoy seeing it every day, the fact that I see it means it’s not migrating up to my apartment… definitely a good thing.  And I keep hoping that when the cleaning staff comes next, they won’t be as afraid of spiders as I apparently am, and they’ll kill it for me.  The daily struggles I live with.  🙂

In other unrelated (and even more uninteresting) news, I’ve discovered that whole grains contain fructose.  Bummer, given that approximately 90% of my diet consists of whole grains and given that I’m trying to steer clear of fructose for awhile to see if I am actually allergic to it.  What that basically means is I’m going to be totally revamping my diet for a week or two to actually exclude all fructose… and that will mean eating things I don’t normally eat to replace the copious amounts of whole grains I usually eat.  And you thought it couldn’t get more uninteresting than hearing about a spider in the hallway.  🙂


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