Brambles, thickets, and thorns… oh my!

I completely realize I have been pretty non-existent in the blogging world this week… life has been busy!  Mike’s parents flew in on Tuesday, and when we got out of work on Tuesday, Mike called them.  They were pretty tired, but they had gotten to their hotel successfully, they’d found a restaurant to eat for dinner, and apparently the hotel had a wine and cheese tasting for guests so they had also done that.  Pretty nice!  Mike and I walked over there to hang out with them a little before they went to sleep.  Although everyone was tired, I squeezed in a couple pictures to document their first night in Seattle.

A nice mother/son moment

A nice mother/son moment


Family time!

Family time!

They were pretty tired since it’s been a busy week for them too with Margi having her baby last week!

We wanted to let them get some sleep, so we didn’t stay too late.  They offered to give us a ride back to our apartments in their rental car, but we declined… we’re used to walking.  As soon as we started walking home, it started to rain a chilly kind of rain.  It also seemed like it took a lot longer than the 1/2 mile I thought it was for us to walk back to our apartment.  Fortunately, it wasn’t actually downpouring… it was just misting.  We both arrived back at our apartments exhausted and ready for bed!

I had Wednesday off so that I could show Mike’s dad around while Mike was at work.  As it turned out, Mike’s mom and aunt didn’t have to leave for Spokane until early afternoon.  That meant only one thing…. shopping!  We went to some of the stores and the mall downtown

We headed downtown and went to the Pacific Place Mall, which they all seemed to really like.  (It is a really cool mall.)  And then we headed to lunch at a Mexican restaurant on the top floor of the mall.  It was good, but the portion sizes were huge!

Just before leaving for Spokane

Just before leaving for Spokane

Back at my apartment, Mike’s mom and aunt left for Spokane after retrieving their car from the parking garage.  It was expensive to park… it’s convenient not to have a car.

Mike’s dad and I took a break from exploring the city and he looked up geocaches online.  We targeted a couple that we wanted to find, and then we headed out again.

We found two very quickly and discovered that two of them that were only .3 miles away were actually a pain to get to because that .3 miles included crossing I-5.  Never a fun idea for pedestrians.  We decided to put a hold on those and do one that was a little farther away but didn’t involve crossing I-5.  All told, we did three geocaches!  It was a gorgeous sunny day, and it was actually a little too warm for us given that we were walking around.  We also passed by Paddy Coynes and Mike’s dad got to see Paddy’s dog Carlo.  I stopped to pet Carlo, but I think I was more impressed than Mike’s dad was.  😉

After three geocaches, we were more than ready to take a break so we went back to Mike’s apartment to hang out until Mike got home.  Mike finally got home around 8pm, tired and hungry, but I had ordered pizza so he and his dad had a big pizza to share.  I even got the “half n half” option, so half of the pizza had toppings for Mike’s dad and half had toppings for Mike.  Unrelated note: I’ve found that that particular pizza place is TERRIBLE at getting special orders on salads right, but for some reason they’re flawless about getting pizzas right.  I ordered a Greek salad with no feta cheese from there once, and they gave me a Caeser salad.  I had to explain to them that a Greek salad with no feta cheese is NOT the same as a Caeser salad.  😉

Thursday I had to work and Mike had the day off with his dad.  Unfortunately Mike had a headache in the morning so they didn’t go geocaching or anything.  It was pretty cold and rainy and windy out anyway, though, so it was probably a terrible day for geocaching.  I went out at noon and went to the farmers market.  I almost forgot it was farmer’s market Thursday, but I remembered in time!  Whew!  I don’t know what I would have done without more spicy salad mix.  🙂  As I bought some cucumbers, one of the guys working at the farmers market commented that not many people were coming out because of the weather.  Apparently my salad greens addictions are stronger than other peoples’?  I also bought some fresh-looking strawberries.

The day cleared up, and so did Mike’s headache (maybe the two were related?), so when I got home from work Mike and his dad were raring to go.  There wa sa geocache in the University District that Mike’s dad especially wanted to find, so we found a bus to the University District.  It was really crowded, but it’s only a couple miles to the U-district, so it wasn’t bad.  We got off of the bus, and the GPS indicated that we still had 0.85 miles to go.  Well… let’s just say we walked WAY more than 0.85 miles last night.  It started out fine, and we followed some very picturesque trails that wound through the university’s beautiful and sprawling campus.  But then the trail curved towards a direction we didn’t want to go… and that was how our troubles started.  The problem with a GPS is that it shows you which way to go as the crow flies.  But the crow doesn’t need to worry about buildings, highways, ravines, creeks, brambles, or thickets (yes, we had to worry about all of those).  By the time we’d gotten to 321 feet of the cache, I felt like Indiana Jones (without the hat) as I’d been whacking brambles out of my way for the past .1 miles.  Unfortunately, with 321 feet to go until the cache, we found ourselves face with a wooden fence topped with barbed wire.  Yup, apparently someone REALLY didn’t want us inside the fence.  And of course, as Murphy’s Law would dictate, we were on the other side of that fence.  I was almost ready to vote we just climb the fence and hope for the best with the barbed wire, because it seemed more appealing than going all the way back through the brambles.  We finally made our way out of the thicket, but didn’t find the cache.  😦  It was already getting dark, so we decided this was best accomplished in daylight with a zipcar.  🙂  Hopefully today Mike and his dad will find that cache!  I’ll be at work, but maybe I’ll get text updates from Mike… we’ll see.  And today’s a Friday… always a good day of the week!  Time to get ready for work!  🙂


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