Geocaching rain or shine (but mostly rain!)

I have been inexcusably delinquint in blogging over the weekend… everything has just been so busy!  Mike rented a zipcar on Friday, and he and his dad drove around geo-caching.  They found the geo-cache that we all tried unsuccessfully to find on Thursday night.  Apparently it was pretty straight-forward to find if you approached it from the east (i.e. not through the thorns and briars).  🙂  I went along with them on another geo-cache to Fremont, and then Mike drove us all to University Village… he said there were a bunch of old Volkswagens there he wanted me to see (apparently there was some kind of convention or something in the parking lot of the University Village… you just never know what you’ll see in Seattle).  I gladly went along with the plan, both because I was interested in seeing old VW’s and because I happened to know that one of the jewelry stores in the University Village was having a big anniversary sale.  😉  The VW’s seemed to be all gone by the time we got there (Mike and his dad had seen them several hours earlier), but Something Silver was still open so I wasn’t too disappointed.  🙂  I browsed through the store while Mike and his dad headed over to Barnes and Noble.  There was a disappointingly small number of earrings on sale, but I did score a pretty sterling silver ring that was 30% off.  🙂

Outside, I ran into Mike and his dad exiting Barnes and Noble with a logic puzzle book in hand.  Apparently during the day Mike and his dad had a discussion about logic puzzles which terminated in Mike deciding to give them a try.  It was a little rainy, so after that we headed home and hung out in Mike’s apartment.  Mike and I worked diligently on the logic puzzle while Mike’s dad updated his geo-caching site with the new caches he’d found.  Mike and I were knee-deep in “pixie was rescued two creatures before the dwarf but sometime after the creature who was trapped” when we decided it was time to break for dinner.  I ran out and brought back burgers for Mike and his dad and went out for groceries later.

Saturday, I woke up bright and early and went for a run in the rain.  Yes… there are occasionally days on which I live up to the name of this blog.  It was pretty solidly raining, but I ran downtown and then north along the Puget Sound.  Everything was quiet except for the muted, rhythmic thud of my shoes on the path and the soft patter of the rain on the top of my hat and on the path.  It was relaxing, but I didn’t have much energy so I only went about 10 miles.  The (nice?) thing was that it was too rainy and overcast for my GPS to pick up a signal, so I didn’t know the distance or the pace I was running.  It is surprisingly freeing once in awhile to just run… not thinking about distance or time or pace.  I arrived home completely drenched but pretty happy.  A little later, Mike, his dad, and I all went out to a nice breakfast place near our apartments.  Mike and I really like the restaurant, but it might have been a little too different for Mike’s dad.  When the waitress took his order, he commented that the menu was confusing and asked what it took to just get pancakes and sausages.  Hopefully he enjoyed it despite the confusing menu.  🙂

Saturday was pretty relaxing.  We didn’t do any geo-caching… Mike’s dad said his legs were tired.  That’s definitely not surprising because we had to do a lot of walking for the geo-caches the few days before, and there are a lot of hills in Seattle!  Saturday was a day for relaxing!  Saturday night the three of us went to Paddy Coynes and hung out there until late.  We didn’t actually get there till about 10pm, and then we stayed there talking until about midnight.  It was fun!  It was a late night, though, and although I had planned on getting up early on Sunday it didn’t really happen.  I rolled out of bed around 8:30am, bleary-eyed, to the sound of Piper mewing for her breakfast.  Mike called and asked if I wanted to go downstairs with them for coffee.  Um… yes.  Give me 10 minutes.  I pretty much jumped into clothes, threw in my contacts (blinking a few times to get my tired eyes open) and then headed down to Mike’s apartment.  When I arrived, Mike and his dad were discussing geo-caching locations.  It sounded like it was time to find some more caches!  It was kind of rainy and definitely chilly so we got a bus to go downtown.  The geocaches Mike’s dad had identified were in the Pioneer Square district, so we actually took a bug that went underground to drop us off at the subterranean Pioneer Square station.  Mike’s dad thought it looked and like a subway station (which it does… but it’s only used by buses and the light link rail train to the airport… not any real subways.  We emerged from the station into the chilly rain (we have not had great geocaching weather this week!) and started looking around for our first clue.

Stay tuned for part 2 (and a few pictures!)… I’m about done with my lunch break at work!


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