Geocaching (Part II) and the Space Needle

If you feel like you don’t know what’s going on… check out. Pioneer Square in the rain is kind of a surreal-looking place. It’s very hilly and has a lot of old buildings… very Harry Potter-ish (BTW… has anyone seen that yet? I’m getting anxious to see it… maybe this weekend!). Our first clue and its corresponding GPS coordinates brought us to a historic building and we read the plaque on the side of the building and performed some mathematical calculations on the year the building was built in order to figure out the GPS coordinates for the next waypoint. We found the next waypoint (a curved structure in the vertical direction) pretty quickly… and again used the year the structure was built to find GPS coordinates to our next waypoint. We got kind of stuck at the next one. We were supposed to count the number of magnolia trees at the next location, which was supposed to be next to statues of “tools”. We were stuck on this for about 20 minutes before Mike found the structures of tools across the street from where we thought they’d be. Great job Mike! Our last clue brought us to a small park area “away from the sound of traffic” according to the clue. Then we set about looking for the cache. Mike came through again, finding it in a minature magnetic case underneath one of the benches. Good job again Mike! By this point we were wet, and Mike’s dad was getting tired of walking up and down all the hills so we stopped at the Westlake Mall and got something to drink and rested our feet before heading back. Mike’s mom and aunt arrived about an hour later. They said that the drive to Spokane was just gorgeous… they saw mountains, lakes, and deserts on their five hour drive! Apparently Mike and I need to make it to eastern Washington at some point… it sounds beautiful! And my dad is from Spokane originally, so I feel some sense of history there. 🙂

Then it was time for the Space Needle! We had a lot of problems parking there… the parking meter for the lot was broken so apparently no one could get any parking tickets to stick in their window. We finally gave up and just left our car in the parking lot (we got back an hour later with no parking ticket or anything… so we probably became the first people to actually park downtown Seattle for free). The elevator ride up to the top was quick, and the tour guide threw out an interesting fact: when it was built in 1962 the Space Needle was the tallest structure west of the Mississippi. Now it’s the 7th tallest structure in Seattle. Things have changed a lot in the last 50 years!

From the Space Needle

From the Space Needle

Rainy and idyllic… that’s pretty much what we’re known for out here, right? 🙂

Another Space Needle view

Another Space Needle view

The night ended with a nice dinner at Il Fornaio.  Our waiter was very attentive and nice, and the atmosphere in general was just really relaxing after a busy day!


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