A one-handed post

I’m going to try to type this post one-handed (not as easy as you’d think… you get frustrated pretty quickly not being able to use two hands!) because Piper is lying on my lap and has her head on my left hand.  I’ve been gone so much this week with Mike’s family here that I feel like I owe it to the poor kitten to leave my hand where she can lie on it.

I worked on Monday, but Mike took the day off and took his parents and aunt downtown to see Pike Place Market and the shopping district.  Apparently they had fun.  It was a beautiful sunshine-y day… not too warm and not too cold, so Mike and I decided it was the perfect evening to grill.  At first we were just going to grill on the roof and bring the food back to Mike’s apartment to eat, but since it was so nice outside and since Mike doesn’t have any kind of dining room table anyway, we decided to eat up there!

Our spread

Our spread

Here’s out food on the grill! (Take note of the pot of baked beans on the right! That was my contribution to the food… my other contributions included running and back and forth between the deck and our apartments bringing forgotten items…. there were LOTS of those!).

Mike manning the grill

Mike manning the grill

Doesn’t Mike look industrious? He watched the food closely!

Grilling on the balcony

Grilling on the balcony



Doesn’t this look like a relaxing evening? It definitely was! 🙂

Ok… I took a break from this post to go to work, and I’m just now finishing it up on my mid-afternoon break since I didn’t really take a lunch break.

Afterward grilling, Mike and his dad played a couple games of pool in our community room while I looked at pictures Mike’s mom had of Mabel and Cora, and then we said goodbye to everyone for good… they went back to the hotel, and then flew out the next day.  As it turns out, they had a TERRIBLE flight home!  Their plane got rerouted because of hailstorms in Denver, and on the way to being rerouted their plane got struck by lightening.  Crazy!  Thankfully, they’re all fine and apparently planes are built to withstand that (and I remember from physics that the electrical charge would actually distribute along the outer shell of the aircraft without penetrating the inner aircraft).  But as part of this whole mess, the airlines offerred to check their baggage for free… and then lost all of it.  So now, they’re waiting to see if their luggage actually follows them home eventually or not!  What an awful flight story!  However, we’re just glad that they’re home safely now!

Mike and I are settling back into our normal routine.  Last night we rented a Zipcar just for an hour to run and get something Mike forgot at work.  It was a relaxing drive.  We listened to trance music and just drove.  We rented a mini cooper… and were sadly less than impressed.  The door handles are strange, and the user controls for the radio are very non-intuitive and hard to navigate.  It also didn’t seem to have much acceleration and it took Mike five minutes to find the rear defogger.  We were hoping to be more impressed… it is a BMW after all!

Oh well… we got over our disappointment.  🙂


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