Bribing yourself & dirty flip flops

I had to bribe myself to get out myself out of bed this morning.  Possibly unethical, but certainly more ethical than bribing someone else.  My inner conversation went something like this:

It’s almost 6am!  Get up and work out!

No.  I can’t even open my eyes and if I didn’t have a cat sitting on my stomach mewing, I wouldn’t even be awake.

Working out will help you wake up!

No!  I’m too warm and comfy in bed!

Why don’t you get up and eat breakfast?

No.  I want to sleep!

Just eat breakfast and give Piper her breakfast so she stops mewing.  If you still don’t feel like working out after that, you don’t have to.

*Sigh*  Fine.

So I got up and had breakfast… and of course that woke me up enough to feel like I could work out.  30 minutes on the treadmill and 10 minutes on the elliptical later, I do feel more energetic.  Unfortunately, I think what Mike and I both need really badly is just plain old sleep.  Mike has stayed late at work the past couple of days to work on some cameras, and I’ve been working late as well.  And then, of course, when we get home we can’t go directly to sleep… we have to read, look stuff up online, etc to unwind… and so we end up getting to bed late and then getting up early to do it all over again.  I think we both really need this weekend!

Speaking of bribing yourself, are there chores that you can’t even bribe yourself to do?  Ever?  Those things you never feel like doing?  That’s how cleaning my flip flops is.  I never want to do it (and I don’t even really know the correct way to clean flip flops), but they get pretty dirty, especially when I walk downtown in them over the weekend.  I noticed about a week ago that they were pretty filthy.  I mean, really, they’re just a glorified slab of rubber to keep you from cutting your feet on bits of glass lying on the cement, but as far as cleanliness goes you might as well be barefoot.  Plus, mine are bright yellow and so they show the dirt really easily.  About two weeks ago, I had this brilliant epiphany.  If I wear the flip flops in the shower, won’t they get clean naturally, just like I do, from all of the soap and water coming down on them?  So I’ve been trying that out for the past week.  The good news is that they got a little cleaner; the bad news is that they mostly just got wetter.  And since they now spend most of their time in the shower, wet, they’re never dry and ready to wear anytime I want to go anywhere.  Yesterday I officially gave up the whole shower-with-your-flip-flops-on-because -it’s-better-than-figuring-out-how-to-clean-them experiment.  I’m going to have to think of something else, because there’s no way I’m actually going to clean them.  I thought of throwing them in the washer, but I don’t think washers are made with rubberized materials in mind.  I’d probably break the washer and wreck the flip flops.  Given that I bought the flip flops at Old Navy for $5, maybe it’s just time to make a trek over there and buy a new pair of $5 flip flops.  And this time not yellow.  Some color that hides the dirt better.  Probably black or brown.

I have the feeling I’ll be getting coffee today.  There’s a couple friends at work who go for coffee with me in the afternoons sometimes, and I think today will definitely be one of those days.

Hey… does anyone remember this post?  Well… I am actually going to purchase the running necklace this weekend (it’s not like I’m a procrastinator or anything), and if anyone has input into which of the necklaces is cooler, let me know soon!

In other unrelated-to-anything-I’ve-talked-about-this-morning news, that spider is gone from the second floor stairwell.  I think it might have been dead and gotten cleaned up by the cleaning staff.  Regardless I’m just happy to be able to navigate the stairwells in peace.  🙂

I’m hoping to watch the new (and LAST!) Harry Potter movie this weekend… has anyone seen it?  Is it good?  🙂


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