Yoga and brunch

Last week was just an insanely busy week at work for both Mike and me.  Part of it was that we took some vacation while Mike’s parents were here and were catching up, but part of it was just that both of our projects at work are just really busy.  Both of us worked late most nights this week, so Friday night came as a welcome end of the week!  To celebrate, after dinner we went to Paddy Coynes and hung out.  We didn’t get there till there 9:30pm, and we got to see Paddy Coyne and his dog Carlo (Carlo was conveniently sitting on the bar stool next to Paddy).  🙂  Mike and I relaxed and hung out there till midnight talking and relaxing after our long week.  It was a lot of fun!  As it started to get close to midnight, though, I started to get pretty tired so we headed home.  I didn’t end up actually getting to sleep until after 1am, but I had high hopes for getting up early!  No… not for a long run… although I’ll probably have more news about my next fitness endeavor in the next couple weeks… stay tuned!  No… I was meeting a couple girls from work and some of their friends for brunch along the waterfront, and since I was going to be downtown anyway, I wanted to take a yoga class at Urban Yoga Spa.  I bought a 10 class pass at a discounted price back during the winter and hadn’t actually taken a class there yet because marathon training was taking up most of my time.  The class started at 9am, which meant I needed to leave my apartment by 8:30am.  Very optimistic, given how late I was getting to sleep but I set my alarm and decided to see how I felt in the morning.  I don’t even remember my alarm going off, but apparently I heard it and got up anyway.  I fed Piper, got ready to go, gathered clothes to change into after yoga, shower supplies so I could shower there, and got out the door.  It was so beautiful and sunshiney outside!  (Why couldn’t it have been just like this all the days Mike’s family was here?)  I wasn’t sure what to expect from Urban Yoga Spa since I hadn’t been there before, but I knew that the studio was a hot yoga studio, which means that the classes take place in a room between 90 and 105 degrees.  The idea is that you sweat a lot during the classes and actually can sweat out toxins.  Additionally, the heat helps your muscles stay flexible which of course helps prevent injury in yoga, where you’re constantly stretching your muscles.  Even though the class was an hour and a half, the time flew by.  When I was done with class I still had a little time to kill before I met up with the other girls for brunch so I stopped by Silverworks and looked at silver jewelry.  *Sigh*  I could spend hours in that store.  🙂  I found an inexpensive pair of earrings, so that was my shopping for the day.  Very cool!

Then I walked to the Boat Cafe… an incredibly charming little French cafe on the waterfront.  It was tiny, but the ceilings were high and airy with lots of big, open windows everywhere, so it felt much bigger than it actually was.  There were six of us girls there… I knew three of them from work, and the other three were girls I hadn’t met before, but they were the friends and/or sisters of the girls I knew.  One of the girls was named Karen… what are the chances?  🙂  It was a fun, girl time.  We chatted, mostly about weddings because two of the girls are recently engaged and are already knee-deep in wedding preparations.  The food was amazing too… I got tomato soup with a poached egg.  When the soup arrived, I realized that the poached egg was floating in the soup.  What a crazy idea!  Did they poach the egg and then drop it in the soup… or did they somehow poach it in the soup?  No idea… but it was really good!

It was 1pm when I left the Boat Cafe, and I called Mike.  He sounded tired.  He had just woken up.  It’s so nice that he got a lot of rest last night… he needed it!  I met up with him back at his apartment.  He was looking up music equipment (surprise, surprise!)!

We’ve just been hanging out and relaxing… me on my computer and him on his computer.  But if you’re worrying that we’re not enjoying the nice weather enough… never fear!  We got coffee and walked around the block.  That’s taking full advantage of a gorgeous sunny 70-degree day, right???

In unrelated news, I got my food intolerance test results back today.  Just to stress a point here, this wasn’t a food ALLERGY test… this was a food intolerance test.  There’s a big difference.  Being allergic to a food means you might have to go to the hospital if you come in contact with it (like with peanut allergies), but food intolerances mean that your body can’t process certain foods well, so you might not feel well if you eat them.  The results were somewhat surprising given that I had targeted sugar (fructose) as the food that was probably causing my stomach/digestion issues.  Nope.  It turns out that sugar and I seem to get along just fine.  The foods I am intolerant to and should avoid are spinach (bummer, given that I eat a big spinach salad almost every day), sunflower seeds (who cares?  I never ate those anyway), bananas (no more daily banana sliced up on cereal), and red grapes (maybe that’s why red wine makes me so tired?).

Additionally, I’m moderately intolerant to wheat, and the test results recommend having wheat only once every four days.  What?  Do these people not understand that all my cereals and english muffins and granola bars are wheat-filled?  I don’t think one english muffin every four days is going to satisfy my wheat cravings.  Hmm.  I’ve got to think through this one.  Maybe I can move towards non-wheat based cereals like corn flakes and rice chex.  We’ll see.  I’m going to try cutting these foods out of my diet for a week or two and see how I feel.  The interesting thing is that when I cut out the fructose and was feeling a lot better, I was actually cutting out most wheat from my diet as well because all of my cereals were wheat-based.  We’ll see.  I know that was just about the least interesting paragraph you’ve ever read, and if you’ve made it this far, you’re a trooper.

However, there was a LOT of balm in Gilead with the test results… it means apples are back in my life!  (And yes… I already bought a big bag at Whole Foods today as soon as I got my test results… every day without an apple is a day wasted.  🙂  )

Mike is still looking up more music stuff.  His attention span for electronics is almost out of this world.  Every once in awhile he points out a frequency response graph to me.  I look and nod… ah yes… the fascinations of frequency response graphs.  However, given that I just wrote a huge blog post about food intolerances, it’s possible that I’m actually just as bad as he is.  😉


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