Berry colanders

I love enjoying the small things in life!  I think my mom taught me this… I don’t know anyone better at taking joy in the small things in life than my mom.  🙂

So… today’s “small joy”!  Berry colanders.  Before you say “what is a berry colander?”, stop and think.  You know what colanders are… they’re like strainers.  And I’m willing to bet you know what berries are.  Put them together, and you’ve got a colander for straining berries.  It sounds like such a small thing (and it is such a small thing… especially mine because it’s collapsible), but it’s SO convenient, especially with all the blueberries I’ve been eating lately.

I know all these new kitchen gadgets aren’t necessary, but they’re so much fun to use!  Another recently discovered kitchen gadget… salad spinners.  My mom has been using one for years, and I never felt like I needed one.  Why buy a salad spinner when you can rinse your lettuce in a colander?  Well, many heads of lettuce later, I’m a believer.  I think if I add up how much time a salad spinner saves me per salad, it’s about five minutes.  That means for a week of salads it saves me about half an hour.  In a month it saves me two hours.  You can keep doing the math… I’m getting bored with it.  🙂  But basically, that’s a huge timesaver… especially given how inexpensive it is!

For some reason it’s been striking me lately how crazy the ingredients on food labels are.  I was reading the label on my almond milk to get an idea of exactly what’s in there besides almonds.  Wouldn’t you think that almond milk is comprised of strained, crushed almonds and water or something like that?  Nope.  Apparently there’s lots of other things necessary for making almond milk.  Like sunflower lecithin.  What in the world is sunflower lecithin?  My food allergy test said I’m really intolerant to sunflower seeds… is sunflower lecithin made out of sunflower seeds?  Or is it some lab-created chemical substance whose real name is way too frankenstein-ish to pronounce so scientists picked a nice, consumer-friendly name like sunflower lecithin that wouldn’t scare people away?  I’d bet on the latter except that I don’t think anyone besides me reads labels.  And really no one besides me  looks up ingredients on wikipedia to find out what they actually are.  I think I might be just as OCD as Mike, but in different ways.

Mike spent his evening reading up on input and output impedance to determine whether or not he can hook up a single mono speaker to his audio interface.  He tried to make a call to London today to ask the manufacturer of some transformer about the specs of the part they make.  He didn’t end up getting through to them because I guess you need to dial a lot more than 10 digits to call London.  Mike doesn’t have all that figured out yet, but he’ll probably know how to make international calls, as well as have the specs for that transformer, by the time he’s done.

Time for bed!  I have high hopes that I’ll get up early enough tomorrow morning to make it to a 6am yoga class, but let’s be realistic… this week I’ve barely been able to drag myself out of bed.  The chances of me getting up early enough to get downtown by 6am are slim to none.  However, I remain cautiously optimistic that I’ve got a shot at it.  🙂


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