French, fitness, and Guitar Center

So I think tonight I’m going to join a gym.  It’s a great monthly price, it’s only a 30 second walk from my apartment, they offer free (free!) yoga, cycling, hip hop, step, zumba, and other cardio classes, and Mike and I stopped by there last night to check them out and make sure they looked reputable.  And they have a pool!  Triathlons, here I come?  (If that sounds iffy, it’s meant to.)  🙂

They have a hip hop dance class and a yoga class tonight, so I’m going to try out their three day free trial pass and check out those classes tonight.  Fun, fun!  It actually works out because Mike wants to go to Guitar Center anyway.  He’s looking for some kind of cable adapters and an audio engineering book, since our Barnes and Noble trip last night didn’t result in a good one.  I think the problem is that there’s only a very small section of the population interested in audio engineering books, so it wouldn’t make much sense for them to stock the books at Barnes and Noble.  Those aren’t really the kinds of books people browse anyway… people might browse “Weird Stories of Washington” or New York Times bestsellers, but they probably won’t browse a hundred dollar, 1500-page audio engineering textbook.

Mike and I have a race on Saturday!  It’s Saturday evening, so Mike won’t have to get up early, and it’s down by the Qwest Field stadium.  I’m running the 8k and Mike’s running the 5k.  I hope they give us nice, moisture-wicking running shirts for running the race.  I always seem to be searching through my drawers at 6am looking for shirts that are moisture-wicking to run in.  🙂  I also have a 10k race that I’m running with some people from work (we got a corporate discount for signing up together!) in late August.  And then… stay tuned for my next running adventure!

It’s Thursday… and Mike and I are already definitely ready for the weekend!  It’s been sunny and beautiful outside, but we’ve both been working a little later and haven’t managed to enjoy the weather much other than our trip to Barnes and Noble last night.  Well, tonight I’ll enjoy a couple fitness classes and Mike will enjoy a trip to Guitar Center!  If there’s still time after that, maybe we’ll just relax and Mike can work on music and I can work on French.  I’ve been in the French mood lately… it’s definitely time to start doing it regularly again!


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