On purses and wallets…

This has been a crazily busy couple of weeks at work… but for now it’s a relaxing Sunday, Piper is sunning herself on the couch, Mike is in his apartment working on music, and I am sore from the waist up.  I took a class called “Body Pump” at my new gym this morning.  Apparently my abs and legs are in pretty good shape, but my upper body is NOT.  (What about all that grocery carrying?  Isn’t that doing anything for my body?  Apparently not.)  The class was definitely a huge challenge, even though I didn’t use very heavy weights.  I’m planning to start taking the class regularly… it definitely showed me how much work my upper body needs!  I might take a yoga class this evening to stretch everything out… I definitely need it!  When I showered it was painful to lift my hands over my head… we’ll see what I feel like tomorrow!  😉

So far it has been a relaxing weekend filled with very little.  🙂  Mike got a lot of music done yesterday, and I got some French done.  We also went downtown in search of wallets and purses for Mike and me, respectively.  Purse shopping with me is difficult, but Mike managed.  Our conversations went something like,

“What about this purse?”

“I don’t like the strap.  It would hurt my shoulder.”

“This one over here has a nice strap.”

“Yeah… but look at that color!  I can’t carry that all around Seattle!”

“What about this one?”

“That’s $235.”

“But it’s on sale from $698.”

“Doesn’t matter.  When I strike oil, I’ll buy that purse.”

“How about this one?”


“Well what?”

“It’s ok.”

“What’s wrong with it.”

“Nothing.  I just don’t really like it.”

Poor Mike.  I really should have just gone by myself to spare him that experience, but since he had to get a wallet anyway it seemed to make sense to combine trips.  And I did find a very cute but functional purse, and I also spent quite a bit of time helping Mike shop for wallets too.  He’s not a fan of tri-fold wallets but still needs enough room to keep all of his cards, so he tends to be picky with wallets the same way I am with purses.

“What about this one?”

“I can’t carry that in my pocket all day.  It will rip my pants.  It’s huge.”

“But it has room for all your cards.”

“Would you want to sit on that all day?  Men sit on their wallets all day… it has to be thin.”

“This one’s thin.”

“But it only has room for my ID and two other cards.”

“What about this one?”

“It’s a tri-fold.”

Maybe we both suffer from the same perfectionistic tendencies.  🙂

We also took a bus up to Capitol Hill to run some errands.  When we’re just going to the edge of Capitol Hill, we walk, but when we’re going all the way to the top of the hill, it’s SO much more convenient to ride a bus!  The bus only takes you about 3/4 of a mile, but sometimes it’s just SO worth it to get on the bus at the bottom of the hill and get off at the top of the hill.  🙂

When I was walking down the hall to my apartment yesterday, a door at the very end of the hall opened and a GIANT brown dog tore out of his apartment and barrelled down the hallway towards me.  He looked like a lab mix, and I wasn’t afraid of him at all… although he almost knocked me down in his excitement when he reached me.  A man and woman emerged from the doorway and called the dog, “Macy!  You come back here!”  Macy galloped back down the hall towards them, and they started walking down the hallway towards Macy and me.  Seeing that her family was starting to come down the hallway too, Macy switched gears and tore back down the hallway towards me.  I petted her, while her owners caught up.  Macy was so sweet!  She looked so happy to be on her way outside!  Her owners tried to direct her towards the stairs, but Macy galloped on by them towards the elevators.  “Macy!”  Whoops… Macy realized she wasn’t taking the elevator today and galloped back towards the stairs, made a swift right-angle turn into the stairwell, and disappeared from view (although I could hear the clump of her eager feet on the stairs even thought I couldn’t see her).  What a sweetheart!  Then I opened my apartment door and found the usually-sleepy Piper sitting straight up on the couch and staring at the door with her giant yellow eyes and a very concerned expression on her little face.  Poor Piper!  She heard all the commotion outside and was ready to flee!  Right now, though, she’s very relaxed and sprawled out on the couch in the sun… she’s actually so sprawled out that there wouldn’t be room for me to sit on the couch, even if I wanted to.

All right… I should go to the grocery store.  My arms are getting steadily more sore and I want to make sure both Mike and I have milk before my arms get too tired to carry it.  🙂  It’s definitely a day for half gallons rather than gallons!


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