Surge protectors and oven mitts

Whew.  Kind of a long day.  I think this week will be the busiest one for awhile and then things will calm down and I can hopefully get back to more “life” oriented things.  (Like actually send out an email to Lia about all of the amazing things she sent me in my “birthday” box!  Never fear, Lia… all of the wonderful things are getting used!  I’m looking down at my red toenails as I type this… I actually had painted them with the red toenail polish within 30 minutes of unwrapping it from your box of goodies.)  🙂

I got to help Mike calibrate his speakers tonight.  It was an interesting experience.  Mike sat at this computer desk and had me stand behind me and memorize where his ears were (no… I am totally not kidding.)  Then he got up and put a microphone at the spot where I had memorized.  And then he turned on his speakers in ‘calibration’ mode, and they made some kind of weird gurgling sounds that sounded kind of like an undulating frog call.  During this very critical time, Mike and I had to be around the corner in the bathroom so that the speakers didn’t take our body masses into account when they calibrated the speakers for the room.  It was not unlike lighting a stick of dynamite and then running like crazy to get as far away as possible before the KA-BOOM!  Only in this case we turned on the speakers and ran like mad to get as far away as possible before the speakers started making their weird undulating frog noises.  Every dog within a couple blocks probably started whining.  There’s just never a dull moment.  🙂

Piper’s all curled up in my lap purring right now.  Having a cat is pretty awesome.  The only thing that would be better is having a cat and a dog.  I really want a dog.  But Piper wouldn’t be happy with a dog, and I’m not really here even often enough to satisfy Piper, much less a dog.  I’m already three dogs’ “Auntie Karen” at work… I’m not totally sure how I feel about that, but I think I’m ok with it.  Baxter the corgi, Riley a King Charles Cavilier Spaniel, and Polar Bear a Pomeranian.  I still miss little Buddy though.  🙂

The weather here has been amazing… a little chilly but with the rest of the country fighting off giant heat and humidity waves, I really can’t complain.  Especially since Mike and I don’t have air conditioning, so a little chilly is better than a little too warm!

Recently Mike and I walked to the Ace’s Hardware Store downtown.  I hate going there, because I always hang out in the kitchen section and discover all kinds of things I didn’t know existed but now know I can’t live without.   A citrus knife… I need that… all this time I’ve been using a regular knife to cut up my citrus never dreaming there was a knife made specifically for that!  Oooh…. and a mini muffin pan!  I need that!  Never mind the fact that I’ve never made mini muffins in my life… it was probably just because I didn’t have this pan!  A silicone oven mitt… that must be SO far superior to the cloth ones!  I mean, isn’t silicon the stuff they make computer chips out of?  Drastically superior to cotton!  Yeah.  You see my dilemma.  Mike has the same inner turmoil, but it’s about different things.  When I ran into him, he was carrying a power strip surge protector and two outlet extenders.  But then we walked right next to the Persian rug store on the way home, and looking in at the $10,000 wool rugs, we felt downright thrifty when we thought about the expensive things we could be buying.

And now it’s time for bed.  I am definitely tired!  Is it really only Monday?  The weekend will probably be here before we know it!


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