The Kindle Cloud Reader launches!

What a busy couple of days at work!  But the Kindle Cloud Reader has been launched!

Go to if you want to read more about this product that I’ve been working on since December!  The Cloud Reader is advertised on the very front page of amazon!  (If you want too long to look for it and it’s not still on the front page, you can always access it here: ).  We had a late night launch Tuesday night so I was at work late.  It’s so great to have the first release of the project out for the public to see!  Feedback has been pouring in, and I’ve been monitoring it here and there… but there’s too much coming in for me to keep up with so I gave up.  🙂  Usually I can’t talk much about the projects I’m working on because they’re confidential, but since this project has now been released to the public I’m actually able to share it with you!  So… now you can read Kindle books online on a web browser without having to install any applications on your computer.  Exciting!  We were still dealing with some minor issues yesterday, so yesterday was also a really long day.  But today I’m counting on leaving on time so I can make it to my weekly hip hop and yoga classes at my gym!

In other news… oh wait.  I’ve been so busy at work I don’t have any other news.  Bummer for you guys who have already come to my blog hoping to read something exciting.  🙂

The one nice thing is that even though it’s been a crazy week, I have a couple of things to look forward to.  I have my two gym classes tonight, followed by a launch party with my team members, and then tomorrow night Mike and I are going out to a nice Seattle club for dinner and drinks.  And I have nothing on my schedule this weekend, which is important, because I’m tired and don’t want to do anything at all.  Even fun stuff.

Mike’s birthday is coming up, and I’ve bought his present but I’m waiting for it to arrive in the mail.  When I first bought it, the projected delivery date was Friday, but now it’s been changed to Monday because they didn’t ship it out within 24 hours like the website said they would.  However, I’m trying not to be a grump about that, and I’m trying to wait patiently.  And if you’re wondering what I’m getting him for his birthday… you’ll have to keep waiting, because I’m not telling!  🙂  He hardly ever reads my blog, but I’m not taking any chances.  And I’m not giving any hints either, because any hints I gave would be far more likely to help him guess the present than they would to help you all guess his present.

In other news (still work-related because that’s mostly what I’ve been doing lately), there’s another dog who visits me at work now named Riley.  He’s a Japanese Chen (which is a mix between a Pekenese (sp?) and a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel).  I thought he looked like a King Charles, but not quite the same.  And it turns out, he’s not quite the same.  But he is sweetly and quietly adorable with silky brown and white fur and big brown eyes and a little smushed-in looking muzzle.  He came by this morning and I petted him and gave him a treat.  His owner said Riley recognized me… he could tell by the way Riley was wagging his tail.  Aww.

Piper is also doing well, although I think she’ll be better this weekend when I’m actually home more.

I’m going to start a (weekly?) blog series on my favorite “little things” in life… I feel like that helps me to stay grateful for all the amazing things and people in my life.  So stay tuned!

It’s been completely dry in Seattle for almost two weeks… it must be summer!  🙂


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