A confused sea bird

I don’t like raw broccoli.  I really don’t.  It has always made me nautious every time I’ve eaten it ever since I can remember.  So why do I keep eating it, putting it on my salads, and snacking on it from veggie trays?  Because it is good for you.  It is SO good for you.  It’s packed full of antioxidants.  Maybe this is just a whim, but I’ve decided I’m just not going to eat raw broccoli anymore.  I’ll eat it cooked (when I actually have the motivation to steam up a pot of broccoli), but I’m done eating it raw.  What a relief.  Apparently antioxidants only mean so much to me, and it’s just not worth it to eat raw broccoli regardless of how many antioxidants I score from it.  *Whew*  That was liberating.  Moving on…

This past week was pretty exhausting.  Between the long work days Tuesday and Wednesday, our team’s launch party Thursday, and Mike’s and my dinner out at Paddy Coyne’s Friday… I did NOT get much sleep (particularly since both the launch party and Mike’s and my dinner Friday night lasted until really late.  I’m getting too old for these late nights!) Both were really fun though.  🙂

Mike and I celebrated our anniversary this week, and Mike showered me with gifts even though I told him he shouldn’t.  Everything he got me was super thoughtful.  One of the things he got me was a giant owl necklace that I admired when we were out together about a month ago.

My Owl Necklace

My Owl Necklace

Isn’t he adorable?  I cannot believe how cute he is.  The present that I ordered for Mike hasn’t come yet, and won’t come until Monday.  😦  That’s a little bit of a bummer, but I’m confident Mike will like it when it arrives.

Speaking of birds, when Mike and I went to the hardware store yesterday to get screws, we saw some type of sea bird (a gull or something?) who just kept staring into the window of a deli.  After spending several minutes trying to figure out what he found so intriguing about that window, Mike and I realized that he thought his reflection was another bird and periodically he would jump up and into the glass, presumably to either greet or fight the other bird.  I’m going with the optimistic viewpoint and assuming he was just trying to greet the other bird.

Here he is... and he was WAY bigger than you can tell from this pic!

Here he is... and he was WAY bigger than you can tell from this pic!

Mike bought a mono speaker and has been studying diagrams on how to get that set up and mumbling about balanced vs unbalanced outputs and frequency ranges falling out at 30Hz.  I have some idea what he’s doing (although it’s a pretty small “some”), but he seems to be enjoying himself and making progress, so that’s good.

Mike (at a restaurant... not working on music.  Probably thinking about music though)

Mike (at a restaurant... not working on music. Probably thinking about music though)

This morning I took a body pump class at my gym.  It’s a really intense class… weight lifting done fast in a cardio-type way.  This evening I took a yoga class.  I am seriously getting my money’s worth for this gym membership just through all the classes I’m taking!  I took four last week, and I’ll probably be taking five this week.  They are so much fun!  I’m hoping to get a swimsuit soon and start taking advantage of the pool soon.  I swim like a drowned rat, but maybe that can be altered if I actually practice it.  If my sore arms are any indication, I must be building some serious upper body muscle from all these gym classes that should help me in swimming.  I’d kind of like to wait to start swimming until Mike joins the gym too, though, so we can go together.  I don’t think Mike will probably join the gym until he’s gotten this mono speaker thing all figured out though, and I don’t want to discourage his hobby… he’s making awesome progress!  Right now he has a piece of paper in front of him and he’s writing down audio equations and muttering about the speaker giving him sine waves at 62 and adding that to something else.  Every once in awhile, he looks up and says something to me.

“Do you hear that rumble?”

“Yes.  It’s your speaker.”

“I know it’s my speaker.  But that rumble is audible, right?”

“Yes it’s audible.  Why… can’t you hear it?”

But I never get an answer because he’s head-down back at work on his equation sheet.

Besides working a lot and walking the tiny distance between my apartment and the gym multiple times a week, I haven’t been doing a lot.  I worked on French some today, though, and I’m happy about that.  It’s always fun to work on… it just seems like I never have time for it.  I have also been hanging out at home a lot this weekend, and I think Piper likes that.


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