Deadmau5 tomorrow! :)

Somewhat shockingly, I actually did get up this morning at 5am for my body pump class at the gym.  I’m firmly convinced the garbage truck is the only thing that got me up though.  🙂

I woke up with a start to hear the garbage truck below my window picking up the giant dumpsters.  It dumped the first dumpster full of trash into the back of the truck with the sound of breaking glass and then it started reaching for the second dumpster.  Please dump truck… go away!  My alarm is going to go off soon and I want to get a little more sleep.  But then my alarm went off.  Oh.  Ok.  Fine.  I got up.  Twenty-five minutes later I was at the gym listening to the motivating, get-moving music of the body pump class.  It was a great workout and a fun time.  I think that garbage truck really helped with the 5am wakeup call.  🙂

I also discovered this morning that either I shrunk one of my work sweaters or my arms got several inches longer.  Is it ok to keep wearing it as a kind of 3/4 length sleeve sweater?  🙂  It’s still fine except for that.  For whatever reason, only the sleeves seem to have shrunk.

It’s been just gorgeous here in Seattle.  A little on the chilly side in the mornings and evenings, but I’m not in any mood to complain about that given the heat that the rest of the nation has been facing!

I feel like this evening was actually productive!  I made tacos for Mike’s dinner and I finished them right as he got home which worked out well.  I also got Piper’s litter box all cleaned out and put fresh litter in for her.  I also found time to watch the Save the World music video by Swedish House Mafia three times in a row.  I love that music video… what can I say?

I’m so excited because Mike and I are going to a Deadmau5 concert tomorrow at the Paramount!  Yea!  Deadmau5 has actually been in Seattle the past couple of days and is apparently writing music in his hotel.  How cool is that?  🙂

Piper is already curled up on the bed eyeing me, so I think she’s ready to go to bed so I should go.  Once I do the dishes, I’m off to bed.  Good night!


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