Deadmau5 and flip flops!

It’s Saturday!  🙂  How can that not be good?  It’s also a gorgeous day in Seattle… 75 degrees and bright sunshine.  I heard in the weather report a couple days ago that we haven’t had rain since late July.  That’s probably true.  It’s just been gorgeous!  I went on a 7 mile run this morning around Lake Union.  I don’t know why, because I’m actually running a 10k race around Lake Union tomorrow morning so you would think that I would run somewhere else instead.  Somehow I just don’t seem to get tired of Lake Union though.  I’ve heard that Discovery Park is way more beautiful and just an amazing place to go to run, but it’s about 4 miles from my house.  Not undoable by any means… but it’s just far enough away so that if I run there I probably won’t be doing too much running around before I head home.  However, I have a friend at work who has a car and loves running too, and she’s invited me to go running with her in Discovery Park.  That will be fun!

So…. the Deadmau5 concert!  🙂  It was pretty awesomely amazing.  I’ll post some pictures when I get them from Mike, but he did all the picture-taking with his camera.  I took a few pictures with my iPhone but they didn’t turn out as well as Mike’s.  It was pretty much a light and music extravaganza!  I also liked both of the opening DJ’s.  We were up in the balcony rather than down on the floor.  Our view was better, but we didn’t get the immersive experience of being down on the floor nearing to Deadmau5.  The tickets for the balcony were a lot cheaper, though, so that’s why we went for them.  (Who says you can’t have a good time and be frugal?)  I admired the neon green mouse ears that some people were wearing (basically they were just two green glo sticks bent down into two arcs to look like mouse ears and attached to a headband).  I told Mike at our next Deadmau5 concert I was definitely going to figure out where to get those ears and wear them!  After the first DJ performed and the second DJ came on, Mike left to use the restroom.  That was fine, but it was getting more and more crowded and I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep Mike’s seat.  More and more people came into the balcony, all looking for seats in the dark theater as best they could.   I was a target because I had two empty seats on either side of me, which was perfect for couples looking for seats.  The minutes ticked by.  How long does going to the restroom really take?  It seemed like Mike had been gone about ten or fifteen minutes.  Finally I saw Mike enter the balcony again!  What a relief!  And as he headed towards us, I caught a glimpse of neon.  Had he… ?  He had!  He had found were to buy mouse ears and he had bought me a pair!  He had also bought each of us a Deadmau5 T-shirt.  I put the mouse ears on immediately (and kept them on for the remainder of the night and during the walk home, by the way.  You’ll see pictures of me in the mouse ears later when I get them off of Mike’s camera).  When Deadmau5 himself came on after the two openers, it was striking!  The lights in the theater went crazy as his music geared up to start!  It was a really fun night!

Last night Mike and I hopped a bus to the Southcenter mall.  That was fun too, but we didn’t get to the mall until 8pm so we only had an hour to look around before most of the stores closed.  I also think I got chilled coming back home because the temperature dropped pretty signifcantly when the sun went down and I was dressed for the 75 degree weather during the day.  I have kind of a sore throat today and think I might be coming down with a cold.  I’m definitely taking lots of vitamins and drinking a bunch of tea and water!  At least if I get sick this weekend, it’s a weekend where I don’t have much going on, which is nice!  🙂

That still didn’t stop me from doing a little shopping this weekend.  I got two new pairs of flip flops at Old Navy.  I got a pair there last year and finally threw it away not because it was worn at all but because it was filthy and I couldn’t get the flip flops clean anymore.  They were two pairs for $5.  Seriously… how cheap is that???  I can barely get a cup of coffee for $2.50, and I get a lot less use out of that than I do out of a pair of flip flops!  (I got bright green ones and brown ones, for those interested.)

I’ve been taking it easy the rest of the day and popping vitamins to see if I can avoid a cold, and Piper loves it because I’ve been with her most of the day.  She loves snuggling up next to me and purring while I read magazines.  What a sweetheart!  🙂

Hope everyone else is having a good weekend too!


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