Colds and magazines

It has been a pretty relaxing couple of days!  I did have a cold, but I ate a bunch of fruits and veggies and soup, and I’m feeling much better.  🙂  Anyone have a favorite canned/boxed soup?  My favorites these days are the Trader Joes Lentil soup with Vegetables (amazing seasonings… it tastes so good!), and Dr. McDougall’s Garden Veggie soup (super good, and all of his soups come in boxes, so you don’t have to worry about aluminum from the can leaching into your soup… there’s an appetizing thought for you.)  🙂

Since I’ve been feeling under the weather, I do what I always do on those under-the-weather kind of days.  Read magazines.  Lots and lots of magazines.  🙂  So I currently feel pretty up on health, fitness, nutrition, and fashion news, which seems like a good spot to be at.

Mike has to work late tonight, so I probably won’t see him tonight.  That will mean a shorter day for him tomorrow, though, which will be nice for him.  We’re thinking about going out to dinner tomorrow for his birthday, but we’re not sure whether to do it mid-week or just wait and celebrate it on the weekend.

Piper is sound asleep at the top of her kitty condo.  I think Piper is disappointed, because it was cloudy and rained a little bit today, and Piper loves the bright sun.  Typically Piper would be pretty awake around this time of night, but I think the fact that it’s been dark all day has fooled her into thinking she should be constantly sleeping.  I guess she pretty much constantly sleeps anyway though.  🙂

That’s all the news for now… hope everyone had a good weekend and I was the only one with a cold!  🙂


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