Mike’s birthday!

Good morning everyone!  🙂  Long time, no see!

Work has been busy, and I’ve also been recovering from a cold so my energy levels have been lower and I haven’t felt like posting.  My energy now feels like it’s back at 100%, but I’m still coughing and still kind of hoarse.

We celebrated Mike’s birthday this week!  I gave him some presents and got him two special cupcakes from the super special cupcake place here in Seattle called Cupcake Royale.  It reminds me a lot of a cupcake place that Cathy and Todd took us to in Washington DC when we visited them out there.  I got him a chocolate peppermint one that had pale green frosting and a dark chocolate chip raspberry one.  He had the peppermint one and said it was good, but he doesn’t typically rave over things, so I don’t really know how good it was.  🙂  I’m also going to make him some of his favorite cookies this weekend.

We didn’t go out to dinner to celebrate, because I had a cold and we figured it would be nicer to wait for the weekend when we could go out without having to think about work the next day.  I feel like I’m overdue for a weekend since I was coming down with this cold last weekend.  🙂

The fire alarm in our building went off Tuesday night around 10pm.  It was kind of annoying because I was already winding down and getting ready for bed, and I had to dig Piper out from under the bed and head outside.  I don’t know how that keeps getting triggered accidentally, but hopefully they figure out a way to stop it.  It has been going off at least once a month.

Last night Mike and I walked to the mall.  I had to return something, and Mike had to exchange some shoes I got him for his birthday to get them in a different size.  (Do I really not know his shoe size yet???  What’s wrong with me?)

It may not quite be Friday yet, but it’s Thursday and that’s the next best thing!  🙂  Hope everyone else’s week has been good!  🙂


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