Mike’s 30th… and racing plans!

What a gorgeous, super beautiful, ultra relaxing weekend!  I felt a little cheated out of a weekend last weekend since I was starting to come down with a cold and didn’t feel energetic enough to want to do much, but I feel like this weekend is making up for it.  🙂

Friday night Mike and I went to Paddy Coynes for dinner and drinks.  It was an absolutely gorgeous, sunny 80-degree day, so they had all of the floor-to-ceiling windows along the front of the building folded back so that even if you were sitting inside, you were basically sitting outside.  (This is many restaurants’ answer to not having air conditioning, and it’s really a great alternative!)  It was beautiful and lovely to feel the cool breeze.  As usual, Paddy was there and his very adorable Australian shepherd Carlo was tied up outside.  I love Carlo.  And Carlo, being a one-man dog, pretty much just loves Paddy.  That’s ok.  He at least is fine with me petting him.  🙂  Also tied up outside: a lab that belongs to one of the waitresses, some kind of husky mix that looked like a wolf, and a beautiful weimaraner with expressive grey eyes.  For those of you who don’t already know, a weimaraner is the kind of dog I want.  They’re very loyal and great running dogs.  And they are beautiful and sweet!  So of course Mike and I slipped outside for awhile to pet the weimaraner.  I assured the weimaraner that he was very good, very cute, very sweet, and that I wanted him.  The weimaraner looked up at me with his serious grey eyes and seemed to take in all the stuff I was saying to him.  What a sweetheart!  🙂

This was essentially our celebration for Mike turning 30, so it was a fun time!  We’re getting to know the waitresses there too, so we’re starting to feel like more of a part of the Paddy Coynes community.  🙂

Saturday was a very low-key day… I rolled out of bed at 7am for a 13 mile run.  If you think that doing a 13 mile run on a Saturday morning sounds suspiciously like I’m training for something… you’re right!  My last marathon was disappointing since my knee hurt for over half of the race, so I have officially signed up for my second marathon.  Yes, that’s right… I’ve signed myself up for all of those long training runs all over again!  And I’m actually hitting the pavement for this second marathon on December 4th at 6:30pm in Las Vegas, NV!  Hello, Lia… I’ll be seeing you soon!  🙂  How amazing is that???  I’m so excited!  🙂  Las Vegas will be a very dry course, so I’ll have to drink a lot of water, but it’s also a very flat course so it will be nice to run without having all of the Seattle hills.

My run yesterday went by pretty smoothly and without incident.  My knee didn’t hurt, and I felt good and energetic.  I ran around Lake Union (about 7 miles) and then tacked on an additional 6 up along Eastlake and back (just because I love the Eastlake area).  It actually feels great to be back in training… I think I thrive on training!  🙂  To keep my muscles and joints strong, I’ll still be doing weight training and yoga classes at my gym.

Saturday night Mike called me at almost 10pm and said he wanted to get a decaf coffee downstairs.  We went downstairs, and it was amazing how many places were open and how many people were out even though it was 10pm.  We got coffee from the coffee shop, and then walked around the neighborhood for awhile and just enjoyed the night.  The 80 degree day had toned down to probably a 70 degree night and there was a cool breeze coming from the Puget Sound.  We walked past the burger place near our house.  It had all of its windows open plus an outdoor seating area, so there were lots of people talking and laughing and music spilling out of the building.  We looked over at the Space Needle to the west and at the tall buildings of downtown Seattle to the southwest, and we both just felt so blessed to be where we are.  We really love our neighborhood and we love Seattle!

This morning I went to a body pump class at my gym.  It felt great to lift some weights!  I’ve even been able to lift weights that are a little heavier now, so I must be getting stronger, although I certainly don’t look stronger.  I asked Mike if he thought my triceps were gaining definition.  “Uh… I don’t know maybe.”  Apparently not noticeably.  Oh well.  I’ll keep working on them.  🙂

Then Mike really felt like going out to brunch, and we remembered that Paddy Coynes has a weekend brunch.  So we went there, because apparently we were suffering from Paddy Coynes withdrawal since it had been a whole 36 hours since we’d been there last.  Paddy was there having brunch with the community kickboxing team he sponsors, so they made up a big crowd at the bar.  As soon as we walked in, a waitress came up and said, “Good morning!  You guys were here a couple days ago too!”  Um… yes, we were.  Then our waitress from Friday night came up and told us it was great to see us.  She was really friendly.  I like her a lot.  I think we’re officially regulars now that all of the waitresses know us.  Which is kind of cool.  🙂

Now I’m back in my apartment trying to gear myself up to get some cleaning done at my apartment before I go to the Ashtanga yoga class at my gym in a couple hours.  Piper is sound asleep on her cat pillow by the window enjoying the sun, and I can hear cheers from the field where Paddy Coyne’s kickball team is playing about a block and a half north of here.  It’s a very, very relaxing day!  Probably later Mike and I will get together and do something, but he’s been heads-down on his music track this weekend, so I think he wants to finish that before he does anything else.  🙂  Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


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