New shoes

It’s been a busy, busy weekend!  But Mike and I have gotten a lot accomplished.  We went to the mall in Northgate to get some new work shoes for Mike, the hardware store to get some things Mike needed, Guitar Center (what weekend would be complete without a trip to Guitar Center?), Road Runner Sports so we could both get new running shoes, Paddy Coynes (such a weekend thing for us), and the grocery store to get groceries.

The trip to the Northgate Mall was reasonably fun, but the truth is that neither Mike nor I really like that mall.  For those of you who live in Michigan, it has a very ‘Centerpoint Mall’ kind of feel to it.  Kind of small, limited selection of stores, not as busy as the bigger malls, kind of deserted by comparison, etc.  We only went there because they had a shoe store that Mike buys dress shoes at.  About the only store of note in the whole mall is a store that sells daggers, knives, machetes, and other lethal-looking weapons.  That store is definitely out of the ordinary, but every other store in there is pretty ordinary.  Even their food court is ordinary, without any interesting eating options.  The Southcenter mall is much better.

We also went to Road Runner Sports, and I totally approached it like a kid in a candy store, particularly since I had a coupon for 20% off of my total purchase.  Mike was surprisingly interested as well, and found some good running gear as well.  We each got a new pair of running shoes.  Mine are Vibrams.  If you’re not familiar with these, you will be eventually.  They’re taking the running world by storm.  They are essentially toe-shoes (shoes that have five fingers for your toes to go into), and they are supposed to be much more ergonomic for your feet.  Mike got more traditional shoes, but they still have less padding and are moving more in the direction of minimalist shoes.  We also each got a small water bottle that you can carry with you while running as well as a few other running supplies.  I love the store, and I love how friendly the employees were, but I honestly wasn’t super impressed with the associate who helped Mike and me with our shoes.  I felt like when I asked him a question he didn’t know, instead of telling me he didn’t know he made up an answer.  For instance, I asked him about a particular brand of trail shoe and he said he’d never heard of it and the store didn’t carry it.  However, while I was talking to him I looked over at their shelf and saw it there.  Hmm.  He also told me he wasn’t really on board with the forefront running trend.  Hmm again.  I understand that it’s still a somewhat controversial subject, but it’s pretty easy to see that humans haven’t been running for centuries striking with their heels on the ground first.  (Just try doing that barefoot and see how many steps you can take before you’re in significant pain.)  Forefoot running is the definitely the way people have been running throughout most of history before the advent of Nike and other modern shoe brands that gave us so much cushioning we were able to land on our midfoot, our heel… anywhere really…. and not feel pain.  Then, as icing on the cake, he told Mike and me we could go out for a run around the block and try out our new shoes.  I was hesitant about leaving my purse in the store, but the associate assured me it was fine and that he would be there to watch it.  When we got back from our two-minute run around the block, he had gone on break and was nowhere to be seen and my purse was lying unattended on a bench.  Hmm for the third time.  However, the associate was nice… just maybe not as mature as I would have liked and I am VERY opinionated about running and fitness so I’m probably on the critical side as customers go.  It’s a testament to my increasing age that teenagers seem really young now, I guess.  🙂  However, Mike loves his new running shoes that the associate suggested for him so he was definitely helpful in that department.  I haven’t run in my Vibram toe-shoes yet.  I think Mike and I’ll go a couple miles tonight to try out our new shoes.

Mike bought a new synth at Guitar Center and is in the process of hooking it up now.  Apparently there’s more to it than just plugging it in… it needs configuration of some kind.  On the music front, Mike finished mastering one of his tracks!  That means he has a complete, finished, totally done mp3 track!  Very cool!  I had him play it for me twice.

The weather is beautiful this weekend and there’s a big music festival going on in Seattle.  Mike and I were planning on going, but after all the errands we’ve done this weekend, we’re feeling tired and not as into going.  So we’ll see how that goes and whether or not we get the motivation to go tonight.  About the only thing I am confident I will get done today is cleaning out Piper’s litterbox.  I should figure out some dinner ideas for this week too, so maybe I’ll do that as well… both of those sound like reasonably low-key easy activities.  🙂



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2 responses to “New shoes

  1. yea for fivefingers! i have two pairs!

  2. Yea! I’m loving mine so far! (Still not doing any of my long runs in them to give my feet time to adapt to them, but I’m still loving them!) 🙂

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