A quiet (warm!) evening

Every once in awhile a three-day weekend is SO nice!  I feel like it’s very restorative to have three days in a row off.  The other great thing about those Monday holidays is that they make for a shorter work week the next week.  It’s end of the day on Tuesday, so I’m already almost halfway through the week even though I’ve only been at work one day.  Or something.  Maybe my logic is off.  🙂

Mike has been busily messing around with his new synthesizer this evening so I just saw him briefly.  Last time I was down there he was close to getting sounds to come out of it.  That’s encouraging.  I’ve heard that particular synth before in Guitar Center and it sounds pretty crazy and cool.  🙂

It is warm here!  It was 80 today, and it’s going to peak at 86 degrees on Thursday.  It’s also been sunny for about a month straight and is supposed to be sunny for the next ten days.  Does it really rain in this city?  Why on earth did I buy an umbrella and a helly hanson raincoat?  I can’t remember… fall will probably come soon to remind me.  🙂

I’m trying to get motivated to cook more frequently… it’s been especially hard with the hot weather and no air conditioning though.  Turning on the oven just feels like a bad idea.  I have a few plans for recipes to make this weekend, though, so stay tuned.  Making dinner probably won’t happen this week because I’m going paddle-boarding with two girls from work tomorrow night on Lake Union (fun!!!  I’m very excited!), Thursday night I have hip hop and yoga classes, and Friday night is Paddy Coynes, since our usual waitress will be back from her trip to Hawaii and we want to hear how it went (yes, we’re definitely regulars at this point).  We’re also regulars at the coffee shop downstairs and Mike is always greeted with a “split shot latte?” from the baristas there who know his order by heart.  It’s really cool to feel like I’m part of a neighborhood and part of a community.  🙂

It’s already almost 10pm, and Miss Piper is staring at me from the bed waiting for me to come lie down so I better go.  Plus I’m hoping to wake up early enough tomorrow to make it to a gym body pump class that starts at 5:30am.  Very optimistic, I know… but I’m a born optimist.  🙂


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