Paddleboarding and Thankful Thursday

Um… yeah.  So stand-up paddleboarding?  Super cool and super fun!  Two friends from work (Kate and Jen) and I paddled around Lake Union to our heart’s content after work yesterday evening.

Here is my (brief) analysis of paddleboarding.

1.  It’s not difficult.  You get the hang of it in about two minutes and then you’re free to stand on your board and paddle yourself around with a long-handled oar.

2.  It’s very minimalist.  There are no sails to worry about, no steering wheel, no motor… just you, the paddleboard, an oar, and the water.  🙂

3.  Things look way different from the shore than they do on the water.  For instance, I got a view of Gas Works Park that I’ve never seen before, and I discovered there’s a whole community of house boats on the east side of the lake that I didn’t know existed!

4.  We didn’t have the water to ourselves… we were sharing it with sailboats, small motor boats, big yachts, and other paddleboarders.  (We even saw the K5 evening news water plane take off of the water!)  It definitely felt like we were part of a water community!

The really cool thing is that if you stop paddling, you are standing there in the middle of the lake… how cool is that?

The weather was also perfect for paddleboarding… sunny and 85 degrees but with enough of a breeze so that we didn’t get too warm.  The paddleboard rental store closed at 7:30pm (just a little before sunset) so we paddled around right up until the last minute and finally docked our paddleboards at 7:25pm.  Standing on the pier after standing on the water for an hour and a half felt a little weird.  We took a minute to regain our “land legs” and then headed into the rental store to pay for our rental and pick up our shoes and other belongings.  Then we walked back in the soft twilight and looked at all of the other people still out on the lake.  So much fun!  We’ll definitely go again!

I stopped in to see Mike for a few minutes on my way back to my apartment.  He is definitely enjoying his new analog synth.  He told me that he just couldn’t believe the amazing sounds he could make with it.  He said he’d never used such an inspirational synth.

“Did it change your life?” I asked jokingly.

Mike looked at me seriously before replying, “It changed my sonic life.”

When I stopped laughing, I gave him a hug.  🙂

Tonight I’m taking at least two, and maybe three, classes at the gym.  Hip hop and yoga for sure, and maybe a body pump class if I can get out of work on time.  Mike is planning on working with his synth some more tonight, so that’ll be good.

It’s already Thursday… the last work night of the week!  🙂  Time goes by fast!  (And four day work weeks actually help a lot with that too.)  🙂

Hope everyone’s Thursday is good!  In the spirit of Thankful Things Thursday, here are some small things I’m thankful for.

1.  PADDLEBOARDING!  So much fun!  See above paragraphs.  🙂

2.  The delicious chipotle black bean soup I got from a cafe near work today.  They totally know me there and greeted me by name.  Kind of cool.  🙂

3.  The fact that it has been sunny in Seattle for the past month and a half… I seriously don’t even remember what it’s like to have a cloudy day, much less a rainy day.  I saw a few clouds today when I was walking to lunch and I wondered what on earth they were and why the sun was partially obscured.

4.  Seattle friends and remote friends!  I feel like Mike and I are really getting to know some people at work!  We ran into Mike’s boss at a random cafe when we were at Green Lake this weekend, and he and Mike get along really well.  I have some friends at work (including Kate and Jen) to do extracurricular activities like paddleboarding with.  🙂  I’m also so thankful for friends and family we don’t live locally near, but have stayed in touch with anyway.  Very cool!

5.  People actively following God!  On my way to work this morning, a guy stopped me looking for a place to buy men’s clothes.  He was just in from the east coast, had accidentally spilled ink on his pants and had to give a presentation.  Oops!  I pointed him towards Macy’s and Nordstrom’s and before he left he thanked me and handed me what turned out to be a gospel tract.  It’s always encouraging to run into other people following God!  🙂

And that’s the last thing… because I have to run to a meeting in a couple minutes and I have long since eaten my delicious black bean soup.  How about everyone else?  What are things in your lives (small or big!) that you’re thankful for?


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