First track!

So another week begins!  But this isn’t just any week… it’s a week of cooler temperatures.  We set a record in Seattle for the greatest number of consecutive days above 80 degrees in a summer.  Yesterday was our 9th day (It was 88 degrees.)  Although 88 degrees doesn’t seem hot to most of you, when you have no air conditioning that gets pretty hot.  In all honesty, Mike and I survived just fine by keeping our blinds closed to keep the sun out during the day, and Piper and I were actually really good.  Mike, however, dislikes the heat more and had a more difficult time, despite the fans he has in his apartment.  However, today it’s going to be a high of 78… tomorrow the high is 73… and Wednesday the high is 67.  Yeah.  So basically our temps are dropping like a stone and are supposed to be in the mid 60’s for the foreseeable future after Wednesday.  The good news is that there’s still no predicted rain… so we’ll get the fall temps without the fall rain.  🙂

In the interest of staying cool yesterday, Mike and I went downtown in search of air-conditioned stores and found ourselves at the mall.  That actually worked well until I (predictably) got cold wearing 88 degree clothes in a 60 degree mall.  So Mike and I found a happy medium by walking around outside downtown in the shade.  There was a beautiful breeze (there’s pretty much always a beautiful breeze here… the air never seems very still), and that kept us pretty cool.  I got hungry and we stopped at a little cafe to get food.

We didn’t actually officially make it out to dinner this weekend, since Mike wasn’t feeling well on Saturday, but the cafe was a pretty good substitute.  🙂

In other news… Mike has posted his first track on SoundCloud!  (If you’re not familiar with SoundCloud, it’s a site that allows musicians to upload their unreleased songs so that other people can hear them.  It’s the same idea as Flickr, but for music rather than photographs.)  Anyway, here’s the link to Mike’s first track!

Fractal Visions


Exciting!  He’s working on some more tracks that will get posted when they’re finished.  🙂

Let’s see… other news…. my 12 mile run went really well on Saturday.  Gorgeous day… gorgeous run… no knee pain… I think all the yoga and body pump classes are really helping as far as staying injury-free!



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2 responses to “First track!

  1. “fractal visions” changed my sonic life.

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