Happy birthday and toe shoe trail running

All right!  I am officially a toe-shoe runner!  🙂

Last night I went trail running with a friend from work.  She has a car, so she drove us to one of the Seattle parks after work and we hit the trails!  My expectation was that my feet would be really sore at first since I haven’t been wearing the toe shoes to run, but we ran for about 40 minutes and my feet felt great.  They also felt great this morning.  No weird pain… no blisters… no nothing.  Take that, guy-at-the-shoe-store-who-told-me-they-required-tons-and-tons-of-getting-used-to-and-I-would-probably-injure-myself!  🙂  I totally love the shoes by the way… they are very awesome and very comfortable!

It was beautiful running last night as night started to fall.  Running on trails instead of pavement was amazing, and during the middle part of the run we ran along the beach and got to feel the sand in between the toes of our toe shoes.  Very cool!  We also heard a seal while we were on the beach.  I had no idea we had seals in the Puget sound, but my friend assured me we have seals, orcas, and porpoises.  How cool!  🙂  I always think of seals as the poor arctic animals that are always getting eaten by polar bears in National Geographic specials.  How nice to know there are some seals living happily in Puget sound free from polar bear predators.

It was nearly dark by the time we got back towards the car, but we did see two little black bunnies in the path twitching their long fuzzy ears.  They were totally adorable and were nibbling at blackberry bushes.  I didn’t blame them… the berries looked so good I almost took my running cap off and filled it with berries.  It beats paying a bunch for them at Whole Foods… and I’m sure these ones were organic!  But I decided not to pick any.  For that trip anyway.  🙂

It was really chilly by the time we left to drive back to the city but we were still warmed up from running so we didn’t care.  When my friend dropped me off, I stopped at Mike’s apartment to see what he was up to.  I found him in his apartment with the lights dim browsing the history of Captain Morgan (based on a recent conversation discussion of ours) on his iPad.  In my absence he got himself pizza and also picked up a Greek salad for me.  And he fed Piper.  And petted her for awhile.  How sweet!  🙂

My plan was to get up early this morning and go to a body pump class at the gym, but it just didn’t work out.  I woke up to my alarm going off… but apparently it was my second alarm rather than my first so I was waking up when the class was actually starting rather than actually waking up with enough time to get ready and go.  🙂

Happy birthday to Cathy!  (I’m one day late, but that’s only because I didn’t post yesterday.)  🙂  I hope you had a wonderful day, Cathy and that this next year is a beautiful year for you!  🙂


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