Thankful Thursday!

Lots of things to be thankful for today!  🙂

1.  It’s cool outside!  Our temperatures for the foreseeable future are in the mid-60’s.  That’s about perfect!  Piper and I didn’t mind the 88 degree days too much, but it was getting too hot for Mike.

2.  I’m thankful for un-liking Jason DeRulo on Facebook.  I absolutely love his music, and I love watching his music videos… he’s such an amazing dancer!  But honestly, his FB posts are a little uninspiring.  It’s mostly a countdown to his album release on Sept. 28th.  It seemed like everytime I logged in, there was a post something along the lines of “14 days till release of FUTURE HISTORY!  so excited 2 see ur support!”.  Jason DeRulo… I still love your music and will still buy your album when it comes out… but following you on Facebook was just a little too much.  It’s not you… it’s me.

3.  Mike has started carpooling part of the way to work!  Yea!  🙂  Basically he takes a bus from Seattle up to 145th St, and then catches a carpool with a couple of guys from work who meet there to carpool.  This is amazing!  What it means is that he can leave half an hour later in the morning and that he gets home promptly at 6pm.  SO cool!  He actually said that he doesn’t know what to do with all his extra time in the evenings.  It also basically means that he gets home around the same time I do, which is really nice.  🙂  Last night we had so much time after work that we walked downtown and went to Il Fornaio for dinner.  It was a little chilly, but really nice.

4.  The Subscribe and Save program at  I can basically find basic necessities like paper towel, laundry detergent, dish soap, etc, and buy it on amazon on a subscription basis so that they periodically send me those items without me having to re-order them.  I’m at the point now where I’m trying to figure out how often to make the subscriptions for… do I need a pack of 12 paper towels sent to me every month?  Every two months?  Six months?  Regardless of all that, I’m very happy with the Subscribe and Save program!  No more walking home from the grocery store carrying a 24 pack of paper towels.  There is no quicker way to feel like a vagabond than to carry a giant package of paper towels home from the grocery store.  I just got a couple boxes of stuff from Amazon from my first order… now I just have to find room for them in my apartment…

5.  I’m thankful for hot tea.  I know it sounds like a small, silly thing to be thankful for, but I’ve cut down on my coffee drastically to a couple cups of decaf a week, and tea is such a nice hot thing to drink in the mornings, especially now that the mornings have been chilly!  Yesterday morning was a hot cup of Jasmine green in the morning.  In the afternoon it was a hot cup of spearmint licorice.  This morning was a hot cup of Earl grey.  And it’s all free at work!  Extra thankful for that!  🙂

I hope you all have been having an amazing week… it’s almost Friday!  🙂  What are you thankful for?  It can either be small everyday things like mine, or bigger, more important things.


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