I only recommend real Swiss Army’s

16 miles this morning!  That’s the longest “long” run of my marathon training so far.  It also meant that it was my first run to Green Lake since before my first marathon last June.  It was a pretty good run… I forgot how hilly the route to Green Lake is (pretty much you’re either climbing or descending big hills the whole way), but once you’re there and just running around Green Lake itself the route is nice and flat and feels so good after all those hills!  When I first left my apartment this morning and ran over the crunchy brown leaves on the ground and smelled the crisp, fresh, cold, unmistakable scent of autumn in the air, I realized that the gorgeous Seattle summer is officially over.  When I returned from my run and the sun was peeking through the clouds, it felt a little warmer and a little less like fall.  But I’m not fooled.  Particularly since the final two miles of my run the clouds were threatening rain the entire time.  It didn’t actually rain while I was running, but it’s supposed to rain this weekend.  One more sign that summer has come to an end, and with it our long string of dry days.  I’m not sad though… I love the fall.  🙂  For one thing, Piper gets more snuggly when it’s cold outside and she needs me to stay warm.  She’s curled up on my lap right now purring.  That’s something she wasn’t doing when it was in the mid 80’s!

Mike got up early this morning too.  He sold his guitar amp and the guy came to pick it up today.  Now that he’s really focused on electronic music he hasn’t been using his amp at all.  He seemed tired after the early morning though and I haven’t heard from him in awhile so I suspect he’s sleeping, especially since it’s so grey outside that it doesn’t really feel much like daytime.

A new Born to Run running store opened today right next to the coffee shop by our house!  They sell Vibram Five Fingers shoes and other minimalist shoes.  SO cool!  I think I’ll mostly still be shopping at Road Runner Sports because I’m a member there and the prices are better, but I’ll probably do some shopping at Born to Run since I don’t want them to close.  Especially since they have a Run club that I’m planning on joining!  It’s so close to my house and so convenient.  🙂  Supposedly “Barefoot Ted”, a local barefoot running legend who started the chain of Born to Run stores will be hanging out there frequently which sounds intriguing.  I’ll definitely be able to learn a lot about minimalist running from the people at the store!  🙂

In other news… the moment you’ve all been waiting for… drum roll please.  Drum roll?  Anyone?  No?  Ok.  🙂  Mike and I and a little black cat will be flying back to Michigan on October 21st and will be leaving on October 25th.  I find it slightly bizarre that I’m flying to Michigan exactly one year after I flew out of Michigan to move to Seattle… 10/21/10.  That was totally unplanned but kind of a weird coincidence.  Anyway, it will be a short trip, but we’re looking forward to getting some time with family and friends!  I’m not sure how Piper will do on the plane ride, but I’m taking her as my carry-on this time rather than shipping her in the baggage compartment, so I’ve got to believe it will be better than last time.  🙂  I just hope she doesn’t mew a lot and disturb other people.  We will see.  Mom, Dad… hopefully you guys still have that litter box I left at your house before I moved?  If not, we’ll have to work something out.  🙂

In other unrelated (and pretty unexciting) news, I’m in the process of trying to clean out the drain in my shower.  The water has been going down progressively more and more slowly over the past couple of months, so it was time for action.  My first thought was that there was probably just a lot of hair in the drain right under the drain grate, so I figured I’d unscrew the grate and see if there was some nasty chunk of mildewy hair I could pull out and magically have a clean drain.  I discovered I didn’t have a screwdriver, but I suspected Mike was asleep so I didn’t want to bother him.  I searched my small set of unrelated tools hoping to find something resembling a philips screwdriver.  Bobby pin?  Nope.  Not strong enough.  Kitchen knife?  I don’t want that touching my bathroom drain.  I had just about given up hope when I saw a swiss army knife sitting on the shelf.  Swiss army to the rescue!  I grabbed it, and then realized it wasn’t a real swiss army knife… it was some knockoff brand.  And of course, unlike REAL swiss army’s, the knockoff didn’t have a screwdriver.  Darn.  Hmm.  It had other things though.  I tried two knife blades (one of which almost snapped… totally not like a swiss army) and a bottle opener before I finally found one attachment that worked.  I still don’t know what the attachment is for… it’s pretty weird-shaped.  I suspect since it’s a knockoff brand, it’s not really for anything.  They just threw it on the knife so they could say it had 10 attachments instead of 9.  But for me it’s now a screwdriver.  I carefully unscrewed both screws and gingerly lifted the four inch grate off of the drain.  The four-inch hole gave me great visibility and left nothing to the imagination.  Holy cow!  Starting about six inches below the grate, there was a forest of soap, hair, and fungus going down as far as the eye could see.  Which, with that sea of hair, wasn’t actually very far.  Um… yeah.  I like to think I’m reasonably resistant to grossness when a job has to be done, but even I have limits.  I felt like if I stuck my hand down there I’d get athlete’s foot on my hand or something.  There was no way I was sticking my hand (or anything else that had the breath of life in it) down that black hole of nastiness.  Mike had left a bottle of max drano gel in my apartment for just such an occasion, so I pulled it out and read the directions.  Pour half a bottle down the drain.  For tough clogs, pour the full bottle.  Yeah… this was definitely a tough clog… the kind they write drano commercials about.  I poured the full bottle down the drain.  I kind of wanted to shine a flashlight down the drain and watch the hair getting eaten away (because apparently I have nothing better to do on a Saturday than sit on my bathroom floor staring down my shower drain), but I felt like Mike would disapprove of shining a light down the drain.  I didn’t have even the vaugest idea why he would disapprove, but I felt like he might say something about light interfering with the drano and drano being chemically formulated to work in the dark or some such thing.  I feel like it is greatly to my credit that I didn’t shine the light down the drain based on an imaginary perception of Mike’s disapproval.  So now I’m patiently waiting (outside of my bathroom) for the half hour to be up so I can finally use a flashlight and see what’s actually going on down there.  Hopefully all the hair will be gone and I can just screw on my drain cover and forget that the disgusting, tangled mess down there ever existed.

Anyone else having fun this Saturday that doesn’t revolve around clogged drains?  🙂



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2 responses to “I only recommend real Swiss Army’s

  1. oh.my.goodness the part about mike’s imaginary disapproval made me laugh out loud! drano formulated to work in the dark. HA!

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