Relaxing weekend…

What a relaxing weekend!  I feel like I don’t even mind that it’s Monday.  🙂

Mike and I went to Paddy Coyne’s Saturday night.  When we stepped out of the door of our apartment building we were greeted with… rain.  We both looked at each other as if the unthinkable had finally happened.  After countless days of sunshine, we were getting rain.  Not real rain… but a light sprinkling.  We didn’t let it dampen our attitude, despite the fact that I was wearing a leather jacket, Mike was wearing leather shoes, I was wearing new shoes that hadn’t seen the light of day – much less a raindrop, and I was carrying a nice purse.  If the weather is going to start being rainy, Mike and I are actually going to have to start checking the weather before going places.  This past couple of months we’ve just been assuming the weather would be nice.  Fortunately it’s only a short walk, so we didn’t have time to get too wet.  Paddy Coyne’s was really busy!  The entire Seattle rugby team (all of whom seemed to be Irish) were there watching the Rugby world cup or something (I’m not even sure what the championship game is called in rugby!), but they were pretty outgoing and boistrous and that combined with the live music made it really loud and cheerful.  It was awesome!  🙂  It was a rainy night, and Paddy’s dog Carlo was sitting under the overhang of the building outside.  He didn’t show interest in anyone who wasn’t Paddy.  Talk about a one-man dog.  🙂  What a loyal guy!

I also finally found the time to finish a bunch of items on my to-do list, which always feels great.  Mike and I also walked to Whole Foods for dinner and I got a salad loaded with all things a salad could possibly be loaded with.  It was excellent.  🙂  Mike’s chicken fingers and carrots also seemed good.

Pouring a bottle of drano down my shower drain seems to have dissolved enough of the hair so that my drain goes down quickly now.  Yea!  Now that the water doesn’t get backed up, I cleaned my shower with Tilex and it all seems so new and fresh.  That, combined with the new Shower caddy I got recently makes me feel like I have a whole new shower.  🙂

Piper has discovered a fun new game where she sticks her head and front paw down the back of the crack between the wall and my nightstand and paw at the back of the nightstand.  Yup.  That’s it.  That’s the whole game.  I don’t really understand the draw of it, so if you don’t either you’re not alone.

We also took a trip to Guitar Center, since no weekend would be complete without that.  Mike wandered around the store at loose ends, disappointed that they didn’t have the synth he wanted to look at.

Mike has been taking a week-long sebatacle from music to reset his musical mind.  The week is about up, though, and he started reading the instruction manual for his latest synth last night so I suspect the sebatacle is just about over.


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