Thankful Thursday!

Huge shout-out to my brother Tom who just found out that he passed all four parts of the CPA exam!  Yea!  Congratulations Tom!!!  He worked like crazy studying for that.

Mike got his synth in the mail and spent most of last night messing with that while I went to a haircut appointment and then to yoga.  Yoga felt SO good!  My muscles were so tight and sore from running and weightlifting.

Tuesday night after work I went trail running again with Kate (a friend from work) in Discovery Park.  It’s definitely fortunate for me that she has a car, or I’d never get out to Discovery… I don’t think it’s really on a great bus line.  It’s very hilly there, so we did a lot of running up and down trails in our toe shoes.  It felt great, despite the fact that we were both tired.  I suspect this might become a regular Tuesday evening activity (at least until the days get so short that we don’t have enough daylight to go after work).  It was a little chilly, but pretty much perfect for running.  We were only out for about 35 minutes because the sun decided to go down without consulting us, but it was a lot of fun… it’s always great to get out there in our Vibram Five Fingers and run through the park and down across the sandy Puget Sound beach in the twilight!  🙂

When Kate dropped me off I stopped by Mike’s apartment since I had missed a call from him earlier.  However, all the lights were off in his apartment.  Hmm.  I thought maybe he was visiting Piper, so I went up to my apartment and opened the door.  M-E-E-E-E-OW.  Well, Piper was definitely there.  No Mike though.  It turned out that he was out at Paddy Coyne’s having drinks with his boss.  While they were there, they saw a bulldog puppy outside with a broken leg, and his leg was all bandaged up in a cast.  I’ve never seen a dog with its foot in a cast before, but I guess they need to make sure dogs’ bones set correctly just like peoples’.

Ok…. so it’s time for Thankful Things!

1.  Warm summer nights!  It’s been such a treat to walk to the gym or walk downtown just wearing a T-shirt in the evening and not be cold!  The weather here has been really beautiful!

2.  Yoga!  My muscles are so much looser and less tense after that yoga class last night.  We held some of the poses for longer periods of time than usual, and that was exactly what my body needed last night!  (Actually after a week and a half with no yoga, maybe my body just needed ANY yoga… but that particular yoga class did feel great, especially to my calves and hamstrings.

3.  Hair cuts!  I hadn’t had my hair cut in SO long… it was definitely driving me crazy!  And it was so fuzzy.  I was definitely ready for a hair cut!  And I love my hair stylist… we always talk non-stop during my whole appointment.  Last night was no exception.  Everything from music to eating gluten-free to friends…. we talked about a lot of stuff during that one-hour hair appointment!

4.  Water!  I know water seems like a trivial thing to be thankful for, since it just comes out of our faucets, but it tastes so amazing after a long run or long workout.  Having an icy glass of water that’s so cold that water is  condensing all over the outside of the glass is such a wonderful thing!

5.  Fridays!  The weekend is almost here and although I don’t have any specific weekend plans other than a (17 mile!) run on Saturday, I’m still looking forward to the weekend.  Mike wants to work on music, so I’ll probably work on French.  I also want to do some cleaning in my apartment.  There’s a big empty Amazon box on the floor of my apartment.  I was going to get rid of it, but Piper thinks it’s really cool and loves going inside of it like it’s her own little cave so I’ve been delaying getting rid of it.

How about everyone else?  Any plans for the weekend?  What are you thankful for?  🙂


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