The ‘skinny mini’

I am totally stuck with a two foot square box in my living room.  I ordered some stuff from Amazon, it came in the box, I set the empty box on its side temporarily… and now Piper has decided to make a little den out of it.  She doesn’t even sleep in there.  She just goes inside, crouches down and peers out through the opening.  Apparently this new view of the apartment from inside of the box is fascinating, because she spends a couple hours a day inside that box… just looking out.  Crazy.  Unfortunately now she’s so attached to that box I can’t really get rid of it.  I moved it into a corner so at least it’s out of the way.  Or as out of the way as a giant brown 2 ft cubed box gets.  Hopefully she loses interest in it over the next couple days so I can get rid of it without being overwhelmed by feelings of guilt.  🙂

The weather finally really cooled down in Seattle yesterday… I think we had a high of 65 degrees and it was really windy.  It was mostly sunny though, with only a little rain.  I took a weights class and a yoga class at my gym today.  Both were very relaxing, but the yoga felt especially good given my tight hamstrings and calves.

Mike hooked up a lot of synths this weekend.  Well, not a lot.  Two, to be exact.  But apparently they each require a lot of special cabling so it’s required a lot of effort.  Mike worked on that slowly and not very intensely this weekend.  Both Mike and I were in that mode where you don’t want to go fast, you don’t want to rush, and you don’t want to feel like you’re in a hurry.  Well, we certainly accomplished that this weekend!

The weekend started off great for me with a 17 mile run.  I ran it at the exact pace I ran the 16 mile run last weekend… right down to the second.  So apparently I’m consistent if nothing else.  🙂  I’ve been trying not to run the long runs as fast as I did during my last training period.  Based on articles I’ve been reading, it can set you up for injury to do your long runs too fast.  So now I’m saving my faster runs for the shorter runs during the week, and on the weekends I’m just making sure that I get my mileage in.

Today is very rainy.  Not very cold, but very rainy.  To make matters worse, I lost Mike’s umbrella last weekend.  We were running errands… and I was carrying it… and then all of a sudden I wasn’t anymore.  I couldn’t remember which store I left it at.  I bought Mike a new umbrella this weekend in preparation for all of the rain we’re supposed to get this week.  They had a giant one or a smaller one.  I got the small one because big ones are such a pain to tote around.  However, when I presented Mike with it, he inspected it and said it looked very feminine.

“How can it be feminine?  It’s an umbrella.  And it’s black.”

“It has a pink tag that says it’s a ‘skinny mini’.”

“That’s just the tag from the store.  We’ll cut that off before you start using it.”

“I don’t think I can tell people at work that I’m carrying a ‘skinny mini’.  That’s not right.”

“You don’t have to tell them that.  You don’t have to tell them anything.  It’s just an umbrella.”

“They’ll know.  It’s too small to be a man’s umbrella.  You would probably like a ‘skinny mini’ umbrella but I wouldn’t.”

“I would like a ‘skinny mini’ umbrella.  I have one actually.  This one is just like mine, but it’s black.”

“See?  That proves that it’s an umbrella meant to appeal to women.”

“It’s completely gender-neutral.  Mine is feminine because it has colored polka dots on it… not because of its size or shape.”

“No other men carry umbrellas this small.”

“But the next size up is huge.”

“That’s ok.  This one’s too small.  The handle is even too small for my hand.  Look… my fingers wrap around each other trying to hold onto it.”

“But the huge one is automatic.  You don’t want an automatic umbrella, do you?”

“I know I don’t want a skinny mini.”

We finally reached a compromise: he’ll get a new umbrella from Ace Hardware this week, but he’ll carry this one in the meantime.  Let the rain come, Seattle… we have two skinny mini umbrellas to keep us dry!  🙂


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