Thankful Thursday… and Owl

It’s national coffee day today!  So go out and celebrate… and drink coffee.  🙂  I personally am drinking half of a decaf Americano that I got last week, didn’t finish, and kept in the fridge until now.  I heated it up this morning, and it’s all good to go.  It’s still good, but I don’t think reheating a week-old decaf coffee really enters into the spirit of national coffee day, so I might have to get a cup later anyway.  (Plus I’ve been yawning this morning at work, so this afternoon might be a good time for a warming, caffeinated drink.)

So… things I’m thankful for!

1.  Sweaters!  With the chilly mornings (around 50 degrees) we’ve been having this week it’s been wonderful to have warm sweaters to wear to work.  American Eagle makes some of my favorites, so I’m wearing one of those today.

2.  The pumpkin soup that Nollie’s Cafe has today… I’m going to get some for lunch later.  🙂  It’s spicy and definitely puts you in the fall spirit!  Plus as cold as it’s been lately, I’ve definitely been in a soup mood!  The past two nights in a row I’ve had boxed split pea soup for dinner.  Mike reminded me that I can’t live off of split pea soup.  That’s probably true, although I haven’t actually tried.  Split pea soup always reminds me of this children’s book I read when I was little called Owl at Home.  It was a cute book, and Owl ate split pea soup in the book.  At that point I’d never had split pea soup but I thought it sounded good and warming.  And it is.  And it still reminds me of Owl.  🙂  Crazy.

3.  Mike carpooling part of the way to work.  He now gets home every day around the same time.  SO nice!  Hopefully that will also get me motivated to start cooking again since I can count on him coming home around a certain time.

4.  The Amazon Fire tablet was announced yesterday… and it only costs $199!  I personally didn’t work on that project, but a lot of my friends work on it.  I actually put in a pre-order for one yesterday.  With a $199 price tag and the ability to instant stream so many free movies and TV shows to it (with an Amazon prime membership), there’s almost no reason not to!  Plus I could argue it’s important for me to know about Amazon products… it’s almost part of my job, right?  😉

5.  My training for the Las Vegas marathon is half over!  How crazy is that???  I’m already halfway through an 18-week training program!  Plus, the last three weeks are tapering weeks where I’ll be cutting down my distance anyway, so I pretty much just have six weeks of hardcore training left.  This training plan has been going by so much more quickly than my last marathon training plan!  It really helps to be mixing weight training and yoga into my running schedule.

How about everyone else?  Anything you’re thankful for?  🙂


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