“Regulars” everywhere

The nicest thing about grey, chilly weekends is that somehow it makes it perfectly acceptable to stay inside and not be productive.  🙂

I started out my weekend with a 13 mile run.  This weekend is one of my drop-back weeks, so my run wasn’t as long as is typical.  Next week I’ll do 19, the week after that I’ll do 20, and the week after that will be a drop-back week to 12 (which I will do in Michigan!).  I deliberately planned our trip such that I wouldn’t have to do a 3 hr plus run while I’m there.  I need to maximize time with family and friends.

It’s very interesting that my marathon training is already halfway over.  I have four long runs left: 1 19 mile run (next week), and 3 20 mile runs.  Those will be interspersed with shorter 12 mile runs… and that takes me right up to my race December 4th!  It’s crazy how fast the time is going.  I remember when I signed up for this race shortly after I completed my marathon in June, and I’m already halfway done with my training and the full marathon is now sold out… so it’s great that I’m already registered!

After my run (which felt very short compared to the 17 mile run last week) was over, Mike and I went down for coffee.  We are such regulars there now that it’s a little ridiculous.  We got to the front of the line and I was debating whether or not to get coffee, but the barista asked me if I wanted my usual.  Since he even took the little bit of work out of ordering and since all I had to do was say ‘sure’, I got coffee.  🙂  When we got to the register to pay, the girl behind the counter asked if I had been doing any marathons lately.  Yes, they definitely know us by now.  When we were in there near closing time a couple weeks ago, one of the baristas gave us free pieces of apple cake.  Apparently there are perks to being regulars.  🙂  It’s great to be so connected to a community!

Speaking of connected, Mike and I went to Paddy Coyne’s for dinner on Friday night.  We’re regulars there too, and the first thing the waitress did was ask Mike if he wanted a Captain and coke.  On Thursday I went to Nollies cafe, and the girl behind the counter knew me by name and asked me if I wanted soup.  *Sigh*  Apparently Mike and I are pretty predictable!  Maybe we need to work at shaking things up or something!

Has anyone heard any songs from the new Jason DeRulo album that was released Sept 28th?  There’s several really cool songs on the album, one of which is based on the 80’s song Africa by Toto.  It’s called I’d Fight for You, and I made Mike listen to it.  Mike listened carefully and then listened to the Toto version of the song for comparison.

I love the song Africa… who knows why?  I’m apparently a child of the 80’s (not so into the leg warmers, big hair, and stone-washed jeans though.)  🙂

I listened to it while Mike played it and declared boldly, “This is like the best song ever made!”

One of Mike’s eyebrows went up.  “You mean this is the best song Toto ever made.”

“Did Toto even make any other songs?  Well, at least it’s the best song from the 80’s.”

Mike’s other eyebrow went up.  “You can’t just say that.”

“I just did.”

“Well, it’s not.  It’s just the best song Toto ever made.  But they weren’t that talented.”

Ok, fine.  I can’t argue with a former music major.  Especially not such an analytical one.  🙂

Has anyone else done anything fun this weekend?


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