Monday again!

Fall has definitely come to Seattle, and I feel like the chilly, crisp, damp fall weather made me more tired than usual last week, so my evenings last week were pretty low-key.  Actually, come to think of it, this weekend was pretty low-key too.  🙂  I ran 19 miles Saturday morning.  It felt like a long way… that’s the farthest I’ve run in this cycle of marathon training.  It’s actually farther than I’ve run since I ran the marathon back in June.  But it didn’t feel undoable.  Now I’m listening to Jason DeRulo’s Fight for You on youtube.  Again.  I really like the song.  Anything based on Toto’s Africa has to be good, right?  🙂  Piper was on my lap until a couple minutes ago when she abandoned my lap so that she could go inside her giant cardboard box which is, yes, still on the living room floor.  I keep hoping she’ll lose interest in it because I hate having a giant box in my living room, but she doesn’t seem to be losing interest very fast.  Bummer.  I might have to give in and paint murals on the side of it or something to make it more aesthetically pleasing and then just leave it there.  Suggestions for what to paint on the sides?  🙂

Mike slept in Saturday morning, which was great because he seemed pretty tired Friday night and seemed like he needed some good sleep.  It’s also just as well because we went out with friends Saturday night and stayed out late so that little extra sleep in the morning probably helped him.  Our Saturday night out was fun!  We went to an area of Seattle we hadn’t been before, Ballard.  I knew where it was, but had never been there.  It’s a really cool little area!

Tuesday night I went trail running with a friend from work.  It was sprinkling slightly, but we decided to brave the weather and run anyway.  I’m definitely glad we did!  It was a beautiful run and strangely calming running through the park trails during a rainy twilight.  We’re trying to trail run once a week, but we’ll see what happens when it starts getting colder, rainier, and dark earlier.

I have discovered that I can buy many of the things I need online, so I haven’t actually physically been to the store to shop for clothes in about six months.  Crazy, right?  But all retail stores have an online website, and it’s so convenient to just go there and shop rather than having to physically get to a store, especially since I don’t have a car.  Plus I’m on the email list for a lot of stores that I like, so I get emailed when they’re having big sales.  Thus, I did some online clothes shopping this weekend and found some good deals for some fall clothing.

I used the elliptical for awhile on Sunday while Mike was working with his synths and it was actually really fun and relaxing.  I had my headphones on and was listening to French.  Then a guy came into the workout room about 25 minutes into my workout and turned on some football game really loudly so that I couldn’t hear the French on my iPhone anymore.  I lost motivation to stay on the elliptical pretty much immediately, but I stuck it out until the end of my workout anyway.  It’s good practice for my marathon; I need to train myself to keep going when I want to stop.  🙂

It’s already Monday again!  This was a really relaxing weekend, so I barely remember what I was working on at work last week.  I think I’ll have to go in a little early today to give myself time to get back into the swing of work.

Did anyone else have a really relaxing weekend?  What was everyone up to?  🙂


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