Coding on napkins

Fall has definitely come to Seattle!  It was really cold and windy today, and periodically it just starts raining torrentially.  Yes, it’s definitely not summer anymore!  No more 80 degree days for us!

I went on a long run around Lake Union Tuesday morning before work.  It hadn’t started torrentially raining at that point, and it was just misting.  As I started rounding the northern edge of the lake and started heading back towards Seattle, the beauty of the city literally took my breath away (I’m confident that it was the beauty that took my breath away… not the fact that I’d been running for about 40 minutes by that point).  All of the skyscrapers were lined up against the sky, a mass of twinkling lights in the wet darkness.  In front of them I could see the big stretch of Lake Union with little lights twinkling everywhere along its edges.  With the gusty wind, the lake was pretty choppy, and it made all the reflections from the city lights dance on the surface of the water.  It was absolutely beautiful… what a wonderful way to start the morning!

Wednesday morning was slightly less inspiring.  I took a body pump class at my gym so there wasn’t any cool scenery.  Unless you count the sweaty bodies (mine included) lifting weighted bars.  Yeah… somehow just not as inspiring as the lights of downtown Seattle.

However, Mike and I went to Paddy Coyne’s last night.  Mike has been working on a programming bug at work, so we had a leisurely dinner at Paddy Coynes followed by a couple drinks and we came up with some good ideas that he can try at work today to fix the problem.  We think we’ve got it narrowed down to what the issue is.  Is it dorky that we spent our Wednesday night curled up in a restaurant booth writing code snippets on napkins?  Don’t answer that.  I probably don’t want to know the answer.  😉  Carlo the dog was at Paddy Coyne’s last night curled up outside, as usual.  There was also an adorable little cream-colored shih-tzu out there too, keeping him company.  They were both totally adorable.  🙂

This morning I did a 45-minute tempo run.  Tempo runs are basically just runs in which you try to hold an uncomfortably fast pace for a certain time duration.  There’s different ways you can do tempo runs, but that’s the way I’ve been using this time through my training program.  Because they’re kind of uncomfortable by definition, they’re typically not the most fun runs you’ll ever do.  But you feel great when you’re done.  🙂

This time next week we’ll be getting ready to head to Michigan!  Tune in later for a ‘Thankful Thursday’ post.  I haven’t forgotten about it… just don’t have time right now to write it.


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