Royal purple and gold everywhere!

Saturday and Sunday really are the best days of the week.  🙂

Friday night I was a complete spoilsport and went to bed early in preparation for my 20 mile run on Saturday morning.  I now have the first of my three 20-mile runs done!  And those are the three remaining long runs for this cycle of marathon training.  It will be SO nice not to wake up at 5am on Saturday morning (yes, I did that today), get out the door by 5:30am, run for 3 hours and 14 minutes (yes, I did that this morning), and then have sore legs the rest of the day (yup, I had that today too).  Almost done though!  Two 20 milers left along with a handful of shorter (i.e. 12 mile) long runs.

My run today wasn’t my most stellar run, but I had been feeling pretty low energy all week, and I actually ran the second half of the run faster than the first (which is called negative splitting) so all in all I was happy with my run.  🙂

Mike and I rented a zip car and drove up to the University Village to exchange a pair of shoes and get more kitty litter.  We drove right past Husky Stadium, and it was PACKED!  There were literally 50 buses lined up bumper to bumper outside of the stadium that had bussed peopled in to see the game from downtown Seattle and other surrounding areas.  The traffic was insane!  Also, the cheers from the stadium were pretty deafening, even though we were outside the stadium in a car.  It was crazy!  Definitely never saw a GVSU game like that!  Mike assured me, however, that U of M’s games were probably just as packed.  When we finally got to the University Village shopping area, about half the people there were wearing royal purple sweatshirts (purple and gold are the Husky colors) and there were literally no parking places… including parking places in the giant 7 story parking garage.  Apparently everyone who couldn’t find parking at Husky Stadium, or the university, or the surrounding areas had decided to park at University Village and walk the mile to the stadium.  It literally took us about half an hour of driving around to find a parking space.  I was completely ready to give up on the whole University Village idea, but Mike was insistent and ended up claiming a spot from an old Volvo wagon as it was leaving.  We walked around University Village for awhile and Mike bought a Dante’s Inferno hot dog from a street vendor with a hotdog cart.  I don’t even like beef, but Mike’s organic beef sausage dog smelled amazingly good!

Our timing in general was pretty bad today.  We got caught in traffic driving to the U.V. because the game was starting, and then we also got caught in traffic leaving U.V. because the game was ending.  We wanted to go south, but there were policemen lining all the major streets directing people north (because the stadium was south).  They weren’t letting anyone head towards the stadium because thousands and thousands of people were in cars and buses at the stadium trying to get out.  We wanted to get on 34th street, but we weren’t able to turn west and then back south until about 78th street.  However, we did get to stop by a music store that Mike had been wanting to visit for awhile, so it was a good detour.

On a completely unrelated note, when I was walking back from the gym after yoga Friday night, I saw a giant broad, weird-looking car.  What in the world?  I squinted as it came closer.  What was written on the front of it?  Winnebago?  NO!  It said “Wienermobile”!  And it had the Oscar Meyer logo in giant letters across the side.  And it was shaped like a giant hot dog… I have never seen a wienermobile before, but I vaugely remember them being in Oscar Meyer commercials… has anyone else ever seen a wienermobile, or was mine a strange, rare occurrence?  I was a little too surprised to appreciate it fully, and the mobile blew past me and around the corner pretty much before I realized anything except that I had just spotted a wienermobile!  Weird.  I feel like I just never know what I’ll see out here!

Now I’m just relaxing with Piper on my lap.  She spent most of yesterday evening in her box, so it’s nice that she’s actually out and about.

I hope everyone else is having a good weekend!


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