Mykel K. visits Seattle! :)

What a fun night last night!  Mike and I got to go out to dinner in downtown Seattle with our awesome old, old friend Mykel Kochenderfer!  🙂  It was a really busy day for me between work, an afternoon dentist’s appointment, and then hurrying downtown to meet Mykel.  I recognized him right away… studiously bent over his iPhone.  He was very flexible in terms of restaurants, so we took him to our old favorite stand-by, Il Fornaio.  The atmosphere was perfect, as always, and it wasn’t too crowded since it was a Monday night.  Hopefully I gave Mike and Mykel enough time to get some talking in… I tend to chatter.  A lot.  🙂  Mykel is in town for a conference about Avionics, and he is giving two of the talks during the conference.  We got to talking about public speaking, and I discovered I was in the minority thinking that public speaking is scary.  Mykel said he’s never gotten nervous talking in front of people.  Mike concurred.

“What are you afraid of?” Mykel asked me.  “Dying?  Are you afraid they’ll throw things at you?”

“Um… no.  It’s just… it’s not really logical, I guess.  But when I get up to do public speaking I feel my heart race faster and my palms get sweaty.”

Mykel and Mike looked like they were trying to comprehend what I was saying.  (I think they’re robots… both of them.)  🙂

“But your audience generally wants you to succeed,” Mykel pointed out.  “They’re on your side.”

Mike quickly agreed.  “Right.  I might be nervous talking in front of people who were really opposed to what I was saying.  Plus when you’re speaking, you can set the tone and speed of the presentation.  If you want to stop and take a breath, you stop and take a breath.  I used to get nervous performing on a musical instrument because if your timing is just a little off you can wreck the whole piece.  And if you’re playing Bach, there’s no recovery.  You have to just stop.”

Coming from my vast knowledge of Bach, this meant… absolutely nothing.

Mykel agreed.  “Yeah, with your own talking, you’re in control of it.”

Debatable, Mike and Mykel… highly debatable.  But I can’t out-talk two of them at once.  🙂  Anyway, it was a fun night.  And yes, we did take a couple of pictures on Mike’s camera!  I’ll post them as soon as Mike sends them to me.  Mike and I had different methods for picture-taking, so we tried both and they both worked.  During the picture-taking process, we discovered that I have freakishly long arms.  The same length as Mykel’s.  This is a feature that makes it easier to take pictures and harder to buy sweaters.  Come back and visit again soon, Mykel… we loved spending an evening with you!  🙂

So, all Mykel fun aside… it’s Tuesday.  Mike and I are leaving Friday morning for our trip back to Michigan.  Probably time to get out the itinerary and see what time we have to be to the airport, right?  Probably also time to pack and get Piper’s carrier ready.  She’s not going to like this.  But she’ll just have to cope.  And she’ll LOVE being at my parent’s house where she’ll be offered treats pretty much around the clock.  🙂

On other fun topics, I actually cooked this weekend!  I haven’t been in a cooking mood for weeks, but on Sunday I was ready to fire up the stove!  After a long and leisurely trip to the grocery store for ingredients, I started pumpkin chili for myself.  Once it was simmering and just needed to do that for a few hours, I started on Mike’s meal: a chicken and broccoli stir-fry with rice.  By the time I was finished, my apartment smelled amazing!  I love the pumpkin chili, and Mike really liked the chicken and rice dish and conceded that it was a way that he could eat broccoli (those ways are few and far between, so this was a major score).

The bad news is that I realized that since Mike and I are going out of town for five days on Thursday, it probably wasn’t the right time to cook giant vats of food (that chili pot is pretty enormous).  Maybe I’ll try freezing some of it?  I have no idea how well the chicken and rice would reheat… the chili might be ok.  Any suggestions?

How does everyone else feel about public speaking?  Scary?  Not scary?  Do you fall in the ‘M & M’ camp or the Karen camp?  🙂


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