Our trip to MI… and recovering from it

I’m finally returning to blogging after a week and a half absence due to the Michigan trip and recovering from the Michigan trip.  I feel like I have a lot to say.

So… let’s talk Michigan!  Sadly, we did not take any pictures.  (How could I not have at least gotten pictures of little Cora and Mabel who seems so much older than she was a year ago!)  I think the problem is that when you have such a limited amount of time, you are thinking about spending time with people and not about capturing the moments on film (or digital media, in my case).

However, in the absence of pictures, I’ll capture our visit in words.  🙂

Day 1: The trip out.  Hmm, Delta.  You cancelled our flight and rescheduled us for a flight an hour later.  Normally this wouldn’t have been a huge problem, but that meant we would miss our connection in Detroit.  Which meant we had to be put on a different flight that connected in Minneapolis and we had a 4 hour layover.  This meant that we were arriving in Grand Rapids at 10pm instead of 6pm.  Day 1 was lots of airports, vending machine fare, and watching the same commercials over and over on those tiny airplane monitors.  Also, Piper had an accident in her cat carrier in the Seattle airport.  It was a pretty bad accident.  Mike and I had a lot of damage control to do in a little family bathroom in the airport.  Highlights: we had a safe flight.  🙂

Day 2: Saturday!  Time for my long run!  My dad rode his bike along with me for part of the way and pointed out some bike trails I could take.  It was cold and frosty in the early morning but I had come prepared with ear warmers and gloves so it was all good.  After running 12 miles with my dad sporadically biking alongside me, I stretched while my mom did exercises for her back.  In the evening I went to church with Tom.  I really like Resurrection Life, the church that he goes to.  Saturday night Mike and I headed to Dave and Tamara’s, and hung out with them and our mutual friend Jon and his new wife.  Lots of fun!  Mike and I hadn’t met his wife, so it was fun to hang out with her.  The guys got the brilliant idea to watch Paranormal Activity 2 at 11pm, and I, adverse as I am to horror movies, stayed in the kitchen with Tamara and hummed loudly to myself when the sounds from the next room got scary.  Although since the guys were laughing loudly throughout the movie, I don’t think they were particularly scared.  We stayed at Dave and Tamara’s until late… it was SO good to see them!  I just wish we could have hung out with them more while we were in Michigan!  Highlights: a relaxed coffee at the mall with Tom after church, running/bike riding with my dad, and catching up with Tamara!

Day 3: Sunday.  Time with my family in the morning, and then over to Mike’s sister’s house in the afternoon.  I also did my mom’s exercises with her.  I might have been a little enthusiastic.  My mom said that I was rougher on her than her physical therapist.  🙂   I finished the butternut squash that my mom cooked for me, so she cooked me another one… a giant 6lb one.  My mom and dad bet me that I couldn’t eat the whole thing before I left.  I also got to hang out with Mike’s family and finally meet little Cora!  What a sweet little girl!  And Mabel is getting so big!  She knows so many words!  Todd also cooked some pretty amazing spaghetti and spaghetti sauce, and there was debate around the table about why Todd’s pasta was so good.  Highlights: Those two little sweethearts Cora and Mabel, laughing my way through exercises with my mom, and seeing Mike’s family.

Day 4: Monday.  Our final full day in Michigan.  I drove Birch (my little silver Honda) around in the morning to make sure she still ran fine.  I was also trying to run some of the old gas out of her.  Mike came over to my parent’s house for dinner, and much of the conversation revolved around my Dad’s newest hobby: beekeeping.  He showed Mike some of his honeycombs and the honey that he’s gathered this year. Mike and I also made a quick trip to Meijer for coffee, but the Starbucks in Meijer was closed for the day.  Highlights: Mike getting a chance to hang out with my parents

Day 5: Tuesday.  Our final half day in Michigan.  Tom dropped me off at Mike’s parent’s house and got to meet little Buddy.  Mike’s mom took us to the airport… it was nice to get some final time to hang out with her.  She dropped us off, and we headed in to the ticket counter.  Uh oh… bad news.  Our flight had been cancelled (was this becoming a theme?), and they had rescheduled us on another flight that wouldn’t get us back to Seattle until 11:15pm PST.  Oh, and they had also rescheduled another Seattle flight for the same time as our original flight, but they claimed there wasn’t room for us on it.  Really?  We were on the original one… why not the rescheduled one that was departing at the same time?  Apparently it was on a smaller aircraft.  Hmm.  Another day of vending machine fare, waiting at airports, and hoping Piper didn’t have any accidents.  By the time we landed in Seattle, we were both pretty exhausted and took a cab home from the airport instead of waiting for the train.  Piper was delighted to get home and immediately took up residence on her kitty condo, only coming down to eat dinner and use her litterbox.  Highlights: Piper didn’t have an accident at the airport, we had safe travels, and we met a guy at the airport who used to manage one of the Applebee’s in Grand Rapids and had worked with some of the people Mike knew.  It’s a small world!

So now we are home.  And we went back to work on Wednesday, despite having arrived home late Tuesday.  We were both pretty tired most of the week, but since it was a short week for us, it didn’t really matter.

Now it’s Sunday, and Mike and I are just relaxing.  We haven’t felt motivated to do much of anything or go much of anywhere this weekend.  I made a slow cooker beef stew for Mike and some pumpkin chili for me, so I felt some accomplishment in that.  🙂

I also did a 20 mile run yesterday.  Yea!  That means 3 of my 4 20-mile runs are done for this cycle of marathon training.  That Las Vegas marathon is coming up fast!  I’m excited, but also getting nervous.  Some of my long runs just haven’t been as fast as I want them to be on race day.  We’ll just have to see how it goes!  I may or may not have signed up for a half marathon in January just six weeks after my marathon.  However, once this marathon is done, I think I’m done with full marathons for a couple years.  They beat your body up, make you insatiably hungry, and take up most of your Saturday morning.  Half marathons are so much easier to train for and so much more fun to run.

Both Mike and I have been reading the new Steve Jobs biography that was released last week.  He has a fascinating life story.  The book is told in a very objective way… Steve Jobs didn’t have any input into the book, and he specifically asked the biographer to be honest and straightforward.  It’s really interesting… for those interested in technology, in reading, or in biographies, it’s a must-read!

Hope everyone else is having as relaxed a weekend as we are!


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