Dog Halloween costumes

It’s FrIdAy!  I don’t know why I did alternating capitalization on those letters… weird.  Sorry.  And it’s halfway through the day!  So there’s only half a day of work left before the weekend!  🙂

It’s cold out and it’s drizzling rain, so it might be kind of a nasty weekend.  My long run this weekend is shorter than usual, though, so I won’t mind too much if I have to run in the rain.  🙂

I was hoping to get my hair cut tonight, but my hair stylist is sick.  So are a couple of people at work.  Apparently this whole cold weather and rain thing is lowering people’s immunities.  I’m taking vitamins and hoping to avoid sickness!  Since I’m not getting my hair cut (and thus no longer have plans tonight), Mike and I decided to go to Paddy Coynes.  What a perfect rainy night to spend in warm, friendly Paddy Coynes’!  🙂  That’s something fun to look forward to at the end of the day.  Both Mike and I have had pretty long weeks at work and are looking forward to just relaxing this weekend.

This morning I was tired and was able to sleep in since I didn’t run this morning.  It felt so good!  When I finally got up, I got ready to go in plenty of time to get to work so I ran downstairs and got Mike a coffee at Espresso Vivace.  He was grateful.  Coffees on Fridays (ESPECIALLY rainy, cold Fridays) is almost a must.

Monday was Halloween (in case anyone didn’t get the memo), and a bunch of people at work dressed up for it.  It was fun!  I didn’t dress up, but I did buy a dog costume for my coworker’s corgi.  He looked absolutely adorable, so I felt like I was participating despite the fact that I didn’t actually dress up as anything myself.  🙂

Baxter as a hot dog

Can you tell that he’s a hot dog with a squiggle of ketchup on him?  Seriously, how cute is that?  🙂  I like to think that I’m one of Baxter’s favorite people at work… it’s because of all the treats and pets I give him though, and definitely not because I made him dress up like a hot dog!  🙂

Mike has started a cool new track!  🙂  He let me listen to it two nights ago and I think it’s really good and has lots of potential.  He’s still working on it, but he has some key elements in place.  My guess is that he’ll be working on that this weekend, especially if it continues to be cold and rainy.

Does anyone have fun weekend plans?


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