A shipping cost puzzle

Wow… so hard to believe the weekend is already over!  It’s been a busy weekend!

Mike and I went out with Mike’s boss Friday night, and had a lot of fun… we were actually out until almost 3am… and I wasn’t even tired… crazy!  🙂  Despite staying out so late, I got up reasonably early to get my 12 mile run in Saturday morning.  It was such a beautiful day for running!  Sunny and chilly.  I ran along a new trail I haven’t tried before, and there were Maple trees with red and gold leaves lining the path… so beautiful!

Burke Gilman trail

Burke Gilman trail

This picture actually doesn’t really do the path justice… I waited until I couldn’t see anyone on the trail ahead of me before taking a picture because I didn’t want to look like a weirdo who’s trying to snap pictures of people on her iPhone.  The trail wound around by Husky stadium, so I also got to capture that in a photo, if anyone is interested.

Hello Husky Stadium!

Hello Husky Stadium!

On my way back home, I got really thirsty because, as beautiful as the Burke Gilman trail was, it didn’t seem to have any water fountains.  Fortunately, I ran across a water fountain at a random park on the way home.  I definitely drank up before continuing!  🙂

I got home to find Piper lying on her very-special, most-favorite-ever towel.  That’s right… a towel.  She would rather lie on an old, no-longer-soft bathroom towel than on my soft comforter.

SO comfortable!

SO comfortable!

In case you’re wondering why I have an old bath towel on my bed… that really is her special towel… I wasn’t kidding.  She likes having it on the bed.  Yes, I may spoil Piper too much.  Especially since I still haven’t gotten rid of the two foot square box in the middle of my floor because she likes it.  *Sigh*

Mike and I went to Southcenter mall later in the day looking for ear buds.  I left Mike in the Apple store looking at headphones and told him I’d go get a hot tea and be right back.  Umm… let’s just say I got a little distracted.  When Mike called me 15 minutes later asking where I was, I was in the middle of Charlotte Russe with my arms full of clothing.  Hey, I don’t get the opportunity to go to Charlotte Russe very often.  😉  We didn’t get home until almost 10pm, and I was exhausted.  I pretty much passed out and got a great night’s sleep (aided by the hour of sleep we gained last night!).

Today Mike fixed my shower drain and something with his toilet handle.  It was definitely a “fix-it” day.  Remember how I “fixed” my backed up shower drain by indiscriminately pouring a whole bottle of liquid plumber down it?  Yeah.  Well, apparently I didn’t do a very good job of fixing it, because it had started to back up again.  Mike worked carefully with it, and got it completely cleared out… I can actually see all the way down the drain now and it doesn’t just look like a scary mass of hair, mildew, and scum!  🙂  Yea for Mike!  And yea for me, who made him dinner while he messed with the drain… Cheesy Chicken and Rice casserole.  I actually modified the recipe fairly extensively… mostly because I got uncondensed cream of chicken soup instead of condensed and regular rice instead of instant rice.  I never claimed to be able to read directions.  But it turned out well, so I don’t mind.  🙂

I’m trying to make an order to the Body Shop and get free shipping, but it’s pretty difficult.  I have a 30% off coupon to use, but I have to spend a certain amount of money to get free shipping.  Every time I think I’m spending enough money to get free shipping, the price drops too low after I apply my 30% off coupon.  Now I’m to the point where I literally am exactly 30 cents short of qualifying for free shipping.  Wouldn’t you think they could just give me the free shipping since I’m within a dollar?  Or just charge me 30 extra cents for one of my items or something?  I might give up on the whole thing soon, because this is becoming less of a virtual shopping trip and more of a puzzle.  (Can you add up all the items in your cart such that their total, less 30% of their total is greater than the free shipping qualifying line?)  It’s Sunday night, and I just want bath and skin products… I don’t want to solve a math problem around shipping costs.

Mike, after his fix-it successes, fell sound asleep on my bed.  Piper, always up for a nap, joined him.  🙂

Mike and Piper enjoying well-deserved rest

Mike and Piper enjoying well-deserved rest

Well… Mike’s rest was well-deserved anyway.  🙂

The weekend just flew by!  I hope everyone else had a great weekend… anything fun to share?  🙂


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