DST… can we be on it all year long?

Happy Wednesday!  We’re already just about halfway through the week!

I feel like ‘falling back’ from Daylight Savings Time has really been hitting me hard this year.  Basically, it starts to get dark around 4:15pm.  And that’s on a clear day… it starts getting dark even earlier when it’s rainy.  Doesn’t that seem really early?  I think it’s hitting me harder this year because my desk at work is near a big window so I see exactly how dark it’s getting.  Last year my desk was in a cubicle and I had no idea what was going on outside until I left work.  Regardless, it just seems like there is hardly any daylight.  I personally would prefer that we were just on Daylight Savings Time all year because I would rather have more daylight at night, but Mike said there was concern about kids getting on the school buses in the morning in the dark.  That makes sense.  But it still seems like the kids will just now be getting off the bus when it’s dark rather than on the bus when it’s dark.  I don’t know.  There’s my long rant about Daylight Savings Time for the year.  🙂

When I woke up yesterday it felt hard to breathe somehow, and I looked down and saw Piper curled up on my chest.  Depending on how many hours she was there, I suspect that my chest muscles got a pretty awesome workout pushing her up and down as I breathed in and out.  What a funny cat!  She’s sitting on my lap now and is staring at the computer screen intently as though she knows what I’m writing.  Maybe she does.  🙂

It’s so hard to believe that Thanksgiving is just a couple weeks away!  I think Mike and I are going to do the whole ‘buy your whole dinner from Whole Foods’ thing again this year.  It worked out really well last year, and we’re both pretty fuzzy on how to cook a turkey from scratch anyway… it’s much easier when we get a Whole Foods one in a bag with clear instructions.  🙂

Mike worked late last night, but I think he still got some work done on the music track he’s currently working on.  I really like it.  It needs some refining, but it’s pretty cool.

Ok, time to go finish getting ready for work.  How does everyone else feel about daylight savings time?  Get rid of it altogether?  Happy with the way it is?  Wish we could be on it all year long?


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