Branding my cutting board!

Thursday again already!

Last night Mike and I watched a documentary of Pearl Jam’s history called Twenty (i.e. Twenty years of music, plus a play on the name of their first album, which was Ten).  I thought it was really interesting!  Mike knew more about the band than I did… I only knew Eddy Vedder (the lead singer) and Mike McCready (the lead guitarist).  And the only reason I really knew Mike McCready is that he’s going to be running the Las Vegas Marathon this year so there’s a chance (although pretty slim) that I might see him!  🙂  Anyway, the documentary really introduced me to the other band members, and filled Mike in on some Pearl Jam history that he didn’t know either.  It was also cool, because their whole forming period took place here in Seattle, so we saw some footage of areas we were familiar with.

Piper has been my little black shadow lately, following me around.  I don’t know whether it’s because the weather is a little chillier or whether she just likes me (I can always hope for the latter).  🙂  Either way, though, she pretty much wants to be playing with me, sitting on my lap, or lying next to me most of the time I’m home.  It’s pretty sweet.  Although I suspect she wants my warmth more than anything else.  🙂

On to Thankful Thursday!

1.  My new set of socks from Charlotte Russe!  They’re all black-based but each pair has different fun, neon designs on it.  (Yes, I am a child of the 80’s.  And yes, I still think neon is kind of cool.)  And all the socks are new and fuzzy.  New and fuzzy socks are awesome.  All the time.  For everyone.  It doesn’t matter who you are.  Everyone appreciates fuzzy new socks.  (And if all your socks are old and non-fuzzy, now is the perfect time to go get new, fuzzy socks to be thankful for!)

2.  It’s almost the weekend!  It’s supposed to be pretty rainy this weekend, but that’s fine.  Mike and I had a crazily busy weekend last weekend, so this is our weekend to chill.  Plus I have my LAST 20 mile run on Saturday!  Next weekend it’s 12, then 8…. and then marathon day!  It is absolutely amazing how fast time flies!  I did my last long interval run this morning, so after the run on Saturday I will be officially starting my taper.  I’m excited!  Just in time for me to have extra time for Christmas shopping!  Has anyone else started shopping yet?  Am I the only one who is just starting to think about it?

3.  Hot showers!  With the colder weather it is such a treat to get in the shower after a cold run and just douse myself in hot, steamy water!  I look forward to my hot shower at the end of almost every run… especially the long runs!

4.  A clean stovetop!  I cleaned my stovetop and even took off the burners and cleaned underneath them too.  I thought of cleaning the stovetop because I had a little incident with a cutting board while I was cutting up bell peppers for chili last weekend.  I have so little counter space that I had my wooden cutting board on top of one of my stove burners and I was cutting up peppers and throwing them into the chili pot.  I thought I had one burner on and it was cooking the peppers.  Nope.  Turns out I did have one burner on, but I was cooking the cutting board.  The cutting board now has a pattern of concentric rings burned into it in the shape of the electric burner.  I guess I branded my cutting board… no fear of getting it mixed up with anyone else’s now.  🙂  Anyway, that got me thinking about my stovetop burners.  Who would have thought it would be so nice to have a nice, clean stovetop?

5.  Hot tea!  My favorite right now is lemon ginger.  When the weather’s cold, it’s awesome to curl up inside drinking hot tea with a cat on your lap.  🙂  Last night Mike and I drank tea together while watching the Pearl Jam documentary.  It was definitely nice and cozy!

How about anyone else… any other things to be thankful for?


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