Is my sweater disappearing?

I think my plum-colored sweater is disappearing.  Slowly but surely.  Every time I wash it, I find plum-colored fuzzies on everything else that was in the washer and dryer with it.  It’s still pretty new… I got it a couple months ago.  In a year is it going to be threadbare and there will be big patchy holes in it caused by a lack of fuzzies (since it’s apparently imparting fuzzies to everything it comes into contact with)?  I have no idea.  I also know I could be pondering deeper, more lasting, and more impactful (not a word… I know.  I’m consciously using it anyway) issues.  I actually have been pondering deeper issues about work, relationships at work, and conflicting personalities at work.  But I’m tired of pondering those.  By rights I shouldn’t have been pondering those last night… I should have been sleeping in preparation for my 20-mile run this morning.  But when you go to the cafe in your building and ask the barista to just give you whatever tea he recommends, you can bet it will have caffeine in it.  And you can bet that if you keep reusing that tea bag all afternoon (doesn’t everyone do that?), you’ll be ingesting caffeine way later in the day than your should be.  And you will find your brain completely unable to fall asleep at any kind of reasonable time.  And then you will ponder lots of deep thoughts and find yourself wanting to ponder something shallower.  Something like whether or not your sweater will actually disappear in a year since every trip to the washing machine results in purple fuzzies everywhere.  So there you go.  🙂

This weekend was very welcome!  I had a cold and Mike had a headache a couple of days.  Lots of people at work were sick.  Basically, going off of Daylight Savings Time just sucks.  It makes everything darker.  And it coincided with the weather turning a lot colder and rainier.  I think we’ve officially hit Seattle Winter.  It poured rain yesterday, and I walked up to Capitol Hill yesterday evening to get my hair cut in a pretty intense downpour.  It’s kind of weird walking up Capitol Hill in the rain, because all of the rain pouring down creates these little rivers on the roads and sidewalks flowing down to South Lake Union.  It gives you this feeling that you’re fighting a tide when you walk up the hill and watch all this water rush underneath you down the hill.  Everything was dark, and the only lights were the streetlights and twinkling lights from businesses and apartment buildings.  I made it up to Capitol Hill and had a fun time with my amazing hair stylist Marissa.  We talked about a bunch of stuff while she highlighted and cut my hair.  That’s right… I’m blonder again just in time for winter.  I probably should have done this last summer.  When Marissa finished with my hair and I walked back down to South Lake Union, everything was quiet and still.  The rain had stopped, but everything was very wet and I knew from the weather forecast that it was supposed to rain most of the weekend.

I woke up bright and early this morning at 4:45am, raring to complete my last 20 mile run prior to the marathon!  Next weekend I’ll do 12 miles, 8 the next weekend, and the MARATHON the following weekend!  Yea!  🙂  The run this morning wasn’t my best by any means, but I was still kind of weak from my cold so I’m just happy I was able to complete it.  I was 6 seconds per mile slower than my last 20-mile run, which doesn’t sound like a lot but when you start multiplying that by 20 miles it adds up.  We are talking MINUTES, people!  Two at least.  But now I am done, and showered, and warm, and happy.  🙂

Mike and I talked about going out somewhere, but it’s drizzling rain and it’s twilight out, even though it’s only 2:45pm.  I am campaigning hard for a Paddy Coyne’s night tonight.  We haven’t been there since a couple weeks before we came to Michigan.  I don’t know what that adds up to in weeks, but it’s too many.  Mike is ok with going to Paddy Coyne’s, but he promptly fell asleep on his bed right after breakfast, so we’ll see how much energy he actually has tonight.  It was a long week at work for both of us, and I feel like going to Paddy Coyne’s would do us both good.

In light of the dark, rainy day, Piper is hunkering down and hasn’t even woken up for breakfast.  Actually she’s still lying in exactly the same position on the bed that she was when I left to go running almost 10 hours ago.  Insane.  How can you even go that long without moving?  Wouldn’t you think she’d get a crick in her back or something?

I have rattled on for awhile now, so I’ll let you return to your weekends.  🙂  I had very little to contribute today other than a description of the dark, rainy, Seattle weekend full of umbrellas and people scurrying from building to building in the rain.  And the (potential) demise of my purple sweater.  🙂  Have a wonderful weekend!


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