Mostly running talk… sorry to those who aren’t interested!

It’s sunny today, but by all accounts that won’t last long.  It’s supposed to rain the rest of the week with a chance for overnight snow Friday night.  Just in time for my long run Saturday morning.  Fortunately, my long runs on Saturdays aren’t so long anymore… only 12 miles this Saturday.  🙂  Although I wish it would wait (indefinitely) to snow, I’m glad to have all of my really long runs done before it starts.

This morning I ran a solid 8 miles at just under my goal marathon pace.  It felt great.  I hope it feels great on race day.  And I hope that I’m able to keep it up for the entire 26.2 miles.  This morning when I was out running I ran into my trail-running friend Kate from work, who was also taking advantage of the nice weather to run before it rains.  She is running her first ever half marathon on November 27th… one week before my race!  I’m really proud of her, and I’ll be out along the course cheering for her on the 27th!

But enough about running… too much running talk bores non-runners.

On the non-running front, not much has been happening.  I am recovering from my cold and feel fine (hence the 8 solid miles this morning), but I’m still kind of congested.  I want to cook something for Mike one evening soon, but it’s hard to motivate myself to go to the store and cook when I’m still a little under the weather (where did that phrase come from anyway… “under the weather”?  Does anyone actually use it… or am I the only one?).  Does anyone have suggestions for (quick!) dinner recipes that Mike would like?  And ideally the ingredients shouldn’t be very heavy to carry home from the store.  🙂

Lately I’m starting to realize exactly how quickly the holidays are approaching.  I really need to buy Christmas cards and start getting those made out!  I also need to start doing some Christmas shopping.  Anyone else have holiday tasks piling up on their to-do list?


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