Leaving on a jet plane… not now, but soon

The weekend just flew by!

I did my last 12 mile run before the race!  Next weekend is 8 miles… and then I’m going to Las Vegas!  It was so weird realizing that I won’t be going to Green Lake for awhile (it really doesn’t make sense for runs less than 15 miles since it’s 5 miles away from my house).  I’m getting excited about the race, but I’m also getting nervous as well.  I still have so many things to get done before the race.  Like make sure Piper has a cat sitter.  Why won’t Mike be watching Piper?  Because he has a business trip to Germany during the time I’ll be gone for my race!  Isn’t that exciting?  I’m excited… actually I think I’m more excited for him than he is for himself.  I’ve been mentioning it so often that he got annoyed.  🙂  I just think it’ll be an amazing experience for him, especially since he’s never been to Europe before.  I’m sure he’ll get a lot of work done and still have some time to see Germany.  I’m excited!  I won’t be able to text him incremental marathon results as I’m running though, because we worked it out and with the time difference I’ll be running the marathon between approximately 1am and 5am Monday morning German-time.  So I won’t be having my race progress texted to him.  I’m having it texted to Lia and Linda, though, who are thinking they might come out and watch me run if the traffic situation downtown doesn’t look too intense and insane.

It’s raining like crazy here today, and it’s supposed to keep raining until next Wednesday.  That’s Seattle winter for you!  Mike tried his skinny mini umbrella yesterday morning, and his pants and computer case got wet because it wasn’t big enough.  So last night I stopped at Ace Hardware and got him a bigger, black umbrella that didn’t have a pink skinny mini tag.  He examined it and was appreciative.  🙂  Given how much it’s pouring outside, I’m so glad I stopped to get that last night!

People are starting to leave for Thanksgiving vacations, so each day this week the office is getting progressively more and more bare.  I honestly kind of like it… it gives me time to get caught up with work.

Mike and I ordered our Thanksgiving dinner from Whole Foods again this year, because it worked out so well last year.  It comes with turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, rolls, and green beans.  I also ordered an additional side of squash, because that’s my favorite part of Thanksgiving.  🙂  I know I probably should have tried cooking a turkey myself.  At some point I have to actually learn how to cook a turkey, but I decided it won’t be this year.  Things are too busy with Mike and me both leaving on trips in a week and a half.

Mike has an audiologist appointment this morning to get fitted for customer ear buds for his iPod.  This guy takes listening to music very seriously.  Very, very seriously.  🙂

Time to get back to work… I’m drinking some strawberry St Dalfour tea this morning, and it’s very warming and fragrant.  I strongly encourage everyone to drink some hot tea this morning… it’s healthy and warming!  🙂


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