The importance of erasers

I’m so excited that I’m not cooking Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow!  🙂  I know that’s kind of a weird thing to be thankful for, but there it is.  🙂  Plus I probably won’t have to cook tonight either, because Mike and I are thinking about going to Paddy Coyne’s.  Ah, yes… the joys of not cooking.  🙂  I am going to need to make up some pumpkin chili and some chicken/pasta for Mike soon, though, because I got ingredients for both of those dishes and the ingredients are going to go bad soon if I don’t use them.  So this Saturday will definitely be a cooking day.  And Mike will probably be tired of turkey by then and ready for another dish anyway.  🙂

It is raining like crazy here in Seattle today.  It was also raining like crazy yesterday.  I walked home over lunch, and the clocks in my apartment were blinking… a sure sign that the power went out sometime during the morning.  With the huge gusty winds, I’m not surprised!  I called Mike and he walked me through how to safely turn off all of his electronics.  It took awhile and I had to flip a lot of switches.  🙂

In other news, work is almost over for the day!  It’ll be nice to have a day off.  Mike has Friday off, but I’ll be at work.  I’m actually kind of glad because it’ll give me a chance to get caught up at work since a lot of people are taking Friday off, and it will give Mike some time to make music and just relax before his trip.

I finally threw away some face lotion that I’ve had for a long time and barely ever use.  I had thought about throwing it away multiple times, but I didn’t think lotions really expired.  They don’t typically have expiration dates, right?  Well, as it turned out this one did.  And it expired in 2008.  Ouch!  It’s probably time for me to go through my bathroom cupboards and throw away old products!  Most of them don’t seem to have expiration dates, but I know the ones that I’ve already had around for too long!

I did a favor for a co-worker and he gave me a Halloween mummy-shaped eraser that was left over from Halloween.  It’s a pretty happy, cute-looking mummy.  It got me thinking about how old I am though.  I remember actually using pencils instead of computers to complete schoolwork, and, especially for math problems, those giant erasers were essential because the tiny ones on the end of your pencil got used up in a week.  Do kids still use those giant erasers, or is all homework (including math homework) done on computers using software like Mathlab and Maple?  When I got the eraser, I realized that I haven’t actually used an eraser in a really long time.  Crazy… I’ll probably turn into an old lady who’s saying things like, “I remember using erasers to do my math homework” to Mabel and Cora, and they’ll say, “What are erasers?” as they do all their homework on kid-sized iPads.  As cheesy as it sounds to say, the world is definitely changing fast!  🙂

It’s been a busy week at work for both Mike and me… I think a relaxing night tonight and a relaxing, cooking-free day tomorrow will be just perfect!

Does anyone else have more exciting plans for Thanksgiving?  🙂


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