Ready for Christmas!

I realize it’s been several days since my last post.  Although I haven’t been getting much done blogging-wise, I have been getting stuff done life-wise.

1.  I cleaned my apartment!  Since I’m going to be gone next weekend, I wanted to leave a clean house for Piper and the cat sitter.  🙂

2.  I did a lot of studying for my NASM personal trainer test and have about 2/3 of the material covered.  And it’s the harder two-thirds.

3.  I completed my LAST long run!  7.5 miles around Lake Union at night (to prep myself for night running, since the race will be at night and my runs are typically early in the morning).  It was gorgeous and clear, and I could see all the lights of all the buildings and skyscrapers reflected in Lake Union.  Very gorgeous!  I followed that with a two mile run with Mike.  It’s always nice when we can get out and run together.  Hopefully there will be more of that in the future when I’m not locked into a marathon training plan.  🙂

4.  I picked up the Thanksgiving dinner from Whole Foods and heated everything up.  That doesn’t sound as impressive as constructing an entire meal from scratch (and it’s totally not), but it was really nice to not have to worry about getting ingredients and then cooking them in one of our tiny kitchens.  As it was, between Mike and me we’re doing a good job finishing up the leftovers, and I think the only thing I’ll have to freeze is about half of the turkey.  Everything was so good!

5.  I started making a Christmas card list.  Somehow I lost mine from last year, so I have to reconstruct it from scratch based on memory.  The good part is that if I can’t remember sending to someone last year, it might be time to stop sending to them.  I’m definitely sending out Christmas cards to a lot of people I don’t stay in touch with anymore.

6.  I cheered my friend on as she ran her first half marathon in downtown Seattle this morning!  Mike came with me and held the umbrella above us since it was pouring rain while I called out encouragement to the runners.  🙂

Mike and I had a pretty relaxing Thanksgiving holiday, given that we were pretty busy, me with the list of things above and Mike with some work he’s trying to get done before his business trip to Germany.  Highlights of the weekend:

1.  We watched “Up”, which is one of the newest Pixar movies.  I actually was on the elliptical Saturday night and the TV was on so I flipped some channels and found Wall-E.  I love that movie.  I don’t care that it’s a kid’s story about robots. Wall-E is the sweetest character ever.  If you have not seen Wall-E, you must see Wall-E.  And if you love Pixar films, you REALLY must watch Wall-E.  Anyway, I stayed on the elliptical longer than intended because I was getting interested in the plot and couldn’t quite remember how it ended.  Whenever it got suspenseful and I was worried about Wall-E, I pedaled extra hard on the elliptical.  All in all, it was a good workout.  And I returned to Mike’s apartment almost in tears from the movie.  That got Mike and me talking about Pixar movies, and that led us to watch “Up”.  Oh my gosh.  “Up” is fantastic.  You really need to watch it.  It’s so much more than just a children’s movie… it has so many life implications.  Super great!  Totally recommend it!  We both really enjoyed it.  Then, to top off our current Pixar phase, we watched Monster’s Inc today.  Who knows?  Maybe we’ll get another one in before Mike and I leave on our respective trips this weekend.  🙂

2.  Mike carving the Thanksgiving turkey…. he is getting good at it but says he needs a different knife to do it better.  I suspect he does… the one he has doesn’t seem right for cutting meat.  But he did an amazing job, knife notwithstanding!

3.  The start of Christmas shopping!  It was just a little bit of Christmas shopping, but anything is a start!

4.  Many cups of coffee between Mike and me, which is typical for us during vacations.

5.  A trip to Paddy Coyne’s Wednesday night to kick off our holiday.  The food and drinks were good, the atmosphere was amazing, and I loved the music.  It was a really fun night!

I feel bad about missing a Thankful Thursday post on Thanksgiving, which obviously is the one day a year that a thankful post makes the most sense.  However, can the highlights listed above count as Thankful Things?  And can they count as Thankful Thursday things even though it’s not Thursday?

Thanks.  🙂

I hope everyone had an amazing holiday!  Now that Thanksgiving is over, I’m finally ready to start thinking about Christmas decorations and music!  The Santa Claus displays in stores starting in October were really way too much for me!  One holiday at a time, please!


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