A late-night CPR class…

What a busy week!  I barely know which end is up these days.  🙂  Between Mike getting ready to go to Germany, me getting ready to go to Las Vegas, Mike trying to finish up work before he leaves, and me trying to finish up my personal training certification class, things have been crazy!

I had the CPR/AED/First Aid class last night that I need for my personal trainer recertification.  It was a six hour class from 6pm to 10pm, and I was just not looking forward to it.  Four hours is a long time to sit in a classroom when you’ve already spent 8+ hours at work.  However, it was a really great class… definitely the best CPR class I’ve had (and I’m on my fourth or fifth now).  The instructor was incredibly knowledgeable and has a lot of real-life experience with CPR.  For the first time, I actually understand what an AED does… no CPR instructor explained that adequately before.  Mike had a zipcar yesterday because he had to work late, so he came by to pick me up after class.  It was a nice treat instead of having to wait for the bus back downtown, especially since it was raining.  The instructor was so engaging that there were lots of questions throughout the class, so the class actually ended up going over time, and we didn’t finish up until about 10:40pm.  I rushed outside as soon as we were done because I knew Mike was waiting.  I found him parked across the street in his zipcar not disturbed in the slightest, and composing music on his iPhone using an app he’d bought.  He had also thoughtfully bought himself a coffee and me a hot tea, so we were able to sip those on the way back downtown.  Because last night was such a late night, and because we’ve both been really busy at work this week, we were both pretty exhausted tonight.  Mike fell asleep on his bed right after dinner.  I feel like going to bed soon.  I have a two mile run tomorrow… isn’t that insanely short?  Basically, I have two easy, slow, two-mile runs left before my race.  You would think that I would be overflowing with energy since I haven’t been doing much running, weightlifting, or any other type of exercise, but I’ve actually been pretty tired.  I think my body knows it’s tapering and it’s using extra energy to rebuild all of my muscles.  At least that’s what I hope is going on.  🙂

I talked to Lia on the phone tonight… I’m so excited to see her and Linda in just a few short days!  How quickly time flies!  It seems like just yesterday that I was agonizing my way through my last marathon and mentally swearing of long-distance running.  🙂  I’m apparently pretty changeable.  🙂

I finished up the last of my latest batch of pumpkin chili tonight… and now I’m starting my pre-race diet.  Up until the race,  I’m going to be very careful not to eat foods that are difficult to digest.  Only bland, non-fiberous foods.  I’ll be honest and say this part of the training isn’t particularly fun… you can’t run or work out very much and you eat a bunch of tasteless crackers.  However, I have totally seen that my stomach doesn’t bother me during runs when I eat this way for several days before the race, so I guess this is just how it has to be.

Mike is gearing up to go to Germany and starting to pack.  I hope he has an amazing time…. what a great experience!  I wish traveling wasn’t so expensive… it’s so life-changing, especially if you travel overseas.

Well, have a wonderful night, all of you!  I suspect that the next time I blog it will be after Mike is on his plane bound for Berlin!  🙂


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