Thankful… Friday?

It doesn’t have quite the ring to it that Thankful Thursday because of the nice alliteration, but can we just roll with Thankful Friday today?  🙂

I already made you suffer through a long post yesterday, so I’ll make this one short and to the point.  🙂

Thankful Things!!!

1.  I copmpleted the Las Vegas marathon.  The end of the race was hard, I didn’t feel well at all, but I completed it.  Thank you, God!  🙂

2.  I’m thankful that, despite the cold weather here in Seattle, it has been completely and totally rain-free since I returned.  I’ve been carrying around an umbrella but haven’t had to actually pull it out.  The bright blue sky and the bright sunshine is weird in Seattle given that it’s December.  It’s also weird that it actually rained the night of the race in Vegas.  Could I have messed up both the Las Vegas and Seattle ecosystems?  Who knows?  Lia claims I brought the Seattle rain with me and that’s why it rained in Vegas.  🙂

3.  I’m thankful that I haven’t gotten a cold after my marathon.  I know a lot of people who do… your immune system is somewhat depressed after stressing your body that hard.  But so far, I am sniffle-free!  Again, thank you God!  🙂

4.  I am eating a pumpkin chickpea curry coconut soup topped with cilantro for lunch today.  It’s spicy, full of beta carotene, and I love it.  It’s also gluten free and vegan.  Definitely thankful for all the healthy options in the Amazon cafeteria!  🙂

5.  I’m thankful that in another day or two Mike will be flying to Boston.  That way we can communicate via phone instead of email.  Despite how relatively “modern” email is, it definitely doesn’t let you have the kind of back-and-forth communication that phones do.  Plus, it takes a lot longer to type something than to talk about it, and I am apparently lazy.  Or busy.  Or both.

6.  I’m thankful that I’m going to the Pacific Northwest Ballet’s version of the Nutcracker tonight!  It will be fun, and I’m going with a friend from work who assures me we can take the Monorail there.  Intriguing.  I’ve never taken the monorail before.  Since it’s above the city, maybe I’ll get some good pictures?  I can always hope!

7.  I’m thankful that I’m swamped at work.  That may sound like a weird thing to be thankful for, but with the economy bad in so many areas, I’m thankful to have a relatively steady job.

8.  I’m so thankful for my time in Nevada with Lia, Linda, Keifer, and Zuko!  What sweethearts… all four of them!  I need to go back soon!  It was so relaxing and so much fun.  🙂

9.  I’m thankful it’s a Friday and that the day is half over!  I am very ready for a weekend!  I know I’ve only actually been at work two days this week, but I have also been running marathons, staying up late with Linda and Lia, eating copious amounts of food, and spending lots of time on airplanes and in airports.  All of those things make for an exhaustion that means I am ready for some rest!  Waking up these past two mornings to go to work has been difficult.  Piper has made it more difficult by sleeping next to me on the side of the bed that I get out of… thus keeping me in bed pretty effectively unless I kick her out.

10.  I am thankful for good drinking water!  Spending time in Las Vegas (where I am thirsty pretty much constantly because of the drier air) makes me very appreciative of having access to cool, good-quality drinking water… much of the world doesn’t have that!

11.  I am thankful for mountains!  I love the Olympic and Cascade mountains surrounding Seattle and all of the gorgeous, breath-taking mountains in Las Vegas.  Mountains are truly amazing and spectacular.  🙂

How about everyone else?  I’ve come up with lots of things I’m thankful for… what about you guys?



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2 responses to “Thankful… Friday?

  1. Linda Kochenderfer

    Karen! Lia and I are so very thankful to know you and your family, that you came out to Las Vegas for the marathon and a super great visit with us, and your blog — which keeps us up-to-date on what you are doing and thinking these days. We always look forward to hearing the latest!
    Love you,
    Linda, Lia, Keifer & Zuko

    • I loved seeing you guys… being with you was so restorative, and it’s always so amazing to hang out and catch up! 🙂 Sending SO much love your way… enough for all four of you! 🙂

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