A quiet weekend… followed by a busy week

Piper and I had a very quiet weekend.  A very, very quiet weekend.

I went to see The Nutcracker ballet on Friday night with a friend from work, and it was beautiful and amazing.  Both my friend and I were tired, though, and ready for a good night’s sleep!  I got it, and I also got a good night’s sleep Saturday night.  So I started out the week feeling much more well-rested.  🙂

The remainder of the weekend, Piper and I pretty much stayed in (although I did go to Whole Foods a couple of times.  The weekend just wouldn’t be complete without some Whole Foods runs.  🙂 )

I really focused all weekend and spent a lot of time studying the remainder of the material for my Nutrition course (needed to renew my personal trainer certification), and I took that test this weekend and passed.  So now I’m all set to renew my CPT in January!  That’s a good feeling.  Plus, that now leaves me time to go Christmas shopping and make out Christmas cards.  I’m trying to get as much work done while Mike is gone as possible so that when we comes back we can just have a relaxing Christmas!

After all of that studying, I went to a Sunday evening yoga class as a treat.  It felt SO good on my muscles!  I walked out of there feeling like I was two inches taller.

Piper sat on my lap for most of the day on Sunday while I studied.  I don’t know if it’s because she’s cold or if it’s because she wants to make sure I’m not going to leave her again, but either way it’s been nice.  🙂

This week has been insanely busy at work.  That’s definitely the disadvantage of taking a vacation… you come back to find all the work you didn’t get done during those vacation days waiting for you.  🙂  On the upside, because it’s been so busy these days have just been flying by.  I’m excited for Friday, because that’s the day that Mike returns.  He’s no longer in Germany; he’s in Boston working at the Fluke facility there.  That’s nice because it means that we can talk on the phone now (although I actually enjoyed emailing, despite how short Mike’s emails were).  🙂

There’s a potluck at work tomorrow, so I went to Whole Foods last night for inspiration on what to make.  Between all of our team members, we have allergies to wheat, soy, egg, nuts, and avocado and we also have vegan team members.  With all of these restrictions it was pretty challenging to come up with an idea of what to make that everyone would be able to eat.  I ended up deciding on a basmati rice with onions and celery recipe that I got off the back of a bag of rice.  Is it sad that I resorted to getting recipes off the back of a rice bag?  I kind of felt like it was sad, but none of my standard recipes were allergen and meat free.  So we’ll see how this goes.  My goal is to make the rice up tonight and be finished in time to go to a yoga class at 7:30pm.

I ran on the treadmill for 6 miles this morning… that’s the first run longer than a mile since my run in Vegas a little over a week ago.  I started out slowly and ramped myself up to a faster pace.  It felt good to be running again.

Goals for this week: Get Christmas shopping done, and start making out Christmas cards!

Does anyone else have any to-do items on their lists this week?  🙂


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